Tennin no-remote FA NPE

Skandrino 86

This actually works really well. Embolus and Tennin means don't create any servers your opponent has no successful runs. Insta-FA any agenda you draw and watch your opponent ragequit after half an hour having had zero chances to win.

Surveyor is less good with Boomerang around so might replace one by third Jinja for consistency.

28 Jan 2020 zmb

Masvingo or Spiderweb also seems good against Boomerang in stead of Ice Wall and Seidr Adaptive Barrier maybe?

28 Jan 2020 Two_EG

Yes! Embolus is such a power card in this kind of deck.

28 Jan 2020 Skandrino

@zmb yes would add Masvingo (MVP in my weyland decks) but don't have the inf. Seidr is great value when you have jinja and only 2-3 servers to protect in total.

@Two_EG yep and no one is playing polop/Councilman atm :D

28 Jan 2020 Skandrino

For more fun can also add some Space Camps to put in archives :)