[TWA] Oppenheimer's Legacy - Destroyer of Worlds v 2.0

DonutTaganes 2534

This is an update on the original build posted about a week ago at http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/28102/-twa-oppenheimer-s-legacy-destroyer-of-worlds


-3 Chop Bot 3000 Chopbot was good, but it was also eating the facedown cards a bit too quickly. When you have it online with Wasteland it's really good, but you can run out of food. I redeployed the influence and am enjoying the new spread

-2 Dyson Mem Chip It was rare that I needed Mimic and Crypsis, and I would rather have more flexible cards

+1 The Maker's Eye More multi-access is always good, and I was finding myself digging for these too often

+1 Express Delivery More 1 influence card selection was exactly what I was after. This slot is obviously flexible - could be an Employee Strike or something, but I like the Express for now

+2 Prey Prey isn't amazing, but sometimes it's good, if you need to take out an Archangel or an Assassin and can afford to either cop it once more to do so or pump and use Crypsis and then kill it with this.

Hope you are all enjoying your Apex experimentation!

Jesse :)

9 Nov 2015 siahofmars

@DonutTaganes wow nice , this is almost exactly like one of my older apex build, i have been tweaking and messing with him soo much i had to take a break i have a buncha builds with em i cant keep count anymore lol i just couldnt bring myself to use prepaid without levy. i dunno why lol i just cant. it feels like if im not gonna be able to play my events a 2nd time around with prepaid it wont be worthit, or if i end up needing to apoc by the time i start to gain a little bit of money outa having the prepaids in the first place they wont be worth it. i'll bing myself to try it one of these days though :). anyways Good! build