[Startup] Credit Diff - Undefeated Aus Startup Nationals

osintelligence 227


Sit back, relax and watch the runner tucker themselves out (and exhaust their wallets) with your many distractions and pass-times you have to offer. Before they make the mistake of stealing a single agenda on turn 12 only to realise that your 58 credit lead is something to fear.

A 3-0 performance for this grubby little archetype that has been around for some time. Was it an amazing meta-call? Or my laziness and focus on the standard tournament the day prior that lead to not a single Borealis cycle card making the cut? (Hint: the LATter)

My less-than stellar Runner performance let me down overall, hurt the most getting punitived by my own deck, piloted by one Startup-deckless friend.


Guard agendas early. Icing R&D with Pop-up windows, Engram Flush, one Gold Farmer or a Tollbooth does the trick, this will likely be the weakest server. Save Crisium Grid for Stargate pressure in the right matchup.

Afshar + Engram HQ is usually enough to stop any early runs, and it dirt cheap to rez.

Hard ETR on remote. Tollbooth and GoldFarmer. This will give the runner near impossible decisions whether to contest a Reversed Accounts, or fear stealing a IAA'd Bellona only to further the credit differential.

Then just start stacking the cold hard bucks with your many prized assets.