B-Comm Hayley 5th place

ayyyliens 586

This is the runner I took to the Barcelona Community Event.

It is a slightly modified of the kickstarter Hayley. You can find an excellent write-up here

I cut the interdiction because good players pre-rez their upgrades anyway and as a one-off it cannot battle scarcity.

Psych Mike needed too much setup for too little gain. I felt the slot was better suited for something else.

Ika was added because I needed an anwser for early archers/surveyors/anansi's. Nanotk is such a big tempo hit to install and without a properly charged takobi it cost way to much to break those sentries. Also a nice backup for breaking tsuguri's and tour guides. Later in the game you can always pawnshop it.

Escher makes sure those border controls find a nice home on the centrals instead of the remote. It also helps shaping the remote/r&d for multiple runs.

It went undefeated in swiss beating 4 argus and a Mti. In the cut it lost versus The outfit & argus.

Thanks to Vesper & the spanish community for organizing such a fun event! During the weekend I met some lovely people and I hope I will meet them again in future netrunner events.

22 Jan 2019 Saan

How did you feel about the Cyberdelias? It's such a slow way to make money (3 to install and then 4 runs on different turns to even make a credit of profit) that I feel it could be almost anything else. The extra MU is nice, since this deck can really munch it up, largely thanks to Engolo, but again, it's really expensive.

I've been playing a slightly modified version of this myself (I'm with you on Mike; it's super late game money the deck just doesn't require) and I've felt like the deck is very slow early game, so it's no surprise that you eventually lost to a couple of rush decks.

I'm thinking I might go -2 Cyberdelia -1 Feedback Fillter, and throw in 3 Tech Writers. If nothing else, they can always just be pawned for 3 bucks, but they have the potential to be a windfall. It might make the deck a little more tight on memory, but CCs can help reinstall programs when needed.

22 Jan 2019 ayyyliens

I was playing memchips first as I had the same opinion as you, but once I started playing the delia's I never looked back. It's nice having so many targets for modded and you don't really need them that early when playing versus rushy decks.

This deck doesn't feel any slower than any other Hayley deck. Just make sure you have access to misdirection when playing versus kill. If an Argus has a god draw you will lose anyway.

The first loss I was gear checked on a icewall/hortum server and didn't draw into more CC/SMC/Diesels. The second loss versus the outfit I miscalculated and lost most of my stuff on an Archer.

I still consider non Titan weyland a good matchup. If you need more speed you can always cut some stuff for compiles.

23 Jan 2019 vesper

Our pleasure to host you, good sir :-) Congratulations on a great run and see you soon! :-)

24 Jan 2019 lostgeek

Having played the deck a few times on jnet now, 2x Cyberdelia definitely feels right. Together with Kyuban you can almost always find a line of attack to install your Crowdfundings profitably.

And Escher is unbelievable. In some games it does literally nothing. In others it is the greatest MVP. And since you mostly use it to end games, being 1-of is perfect.

I found nothing I'd change in the list, besides drawing a little 17 in the lower right corner and adding Clot again ;-)