[Project CROW 3 - 1] Langweiliges Wünderkind

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lostgeek 1805

Project CROW 3

This deck is part of the third iteration of the Project CROW mini-campaign for beginners familiar with System Core 2019. It consists of three Runner and three Corp decks, that are built up over three steps. They start at the System Core 2019 with a few additions and end up with currently competitively viable decks that have placed well in tournaments.


This deck is the first step into the archetypical Shaper deck in the current meta. It uses Aesop's Pawnshop as the central econ engine piece and installs a lot of cards that are meant to stay on the board temporarily. In this first iteration, those temporary value-giving pieces are Harbinger and Rezeki. Contrary to the common misconception, Rezeki is not meant to actually stick on the board until the end of time. It is much more valuable as a piece in Aesop's decks, where you play multiple copies, install them early, get a 5-7 turns of value out of them, and then just sell it off to Aesop's once you actually need the memory for your other stuff. In the average case of 6 turns of drip economy, you got 4 of value and then even more out of Aesop's. This is at least as good as a Sure Gamble, and you'd certainly play three more of those, if you were allowed to.

More nifty interactions exist with Harbinger and Daily Casts. Harbinger can be sold to Aesop's twice, since the first sell will not trash it, but actually turn it face down to be sold again in a future turn. Daily Casts can also be sold, if you sequence your start of turn triggers correctly. Let's say you start the turn with 4 on Daily Casts. You first trigger Daily Casts to get the 2. Then you trigger Aesop's to sell the Daily Casts and gain a further 3.

Otherwise, this deck is relatively straight forward. Try to mulligan for Professional Contacts. Once you find it, install it and keep clicking on it on every instance. This will generate a steady flow of credits and cards that then can be sold for more credits.

Overview lists

These list show you what cards to put in and out for every game transition: Corp overview, Runner overview.


Replicating Perfection vs Hayley

Corp 1 | Runner 1

Corp 2 | Runner 2

Corp 3 | Runner 3

Argus vs Hoshiko

Corp 1 | Runner 1

Corp 2 | Runner 2

Corp 3 | Runner 3

Asa vs 419

Corp 1 | Runner 1

Corp 2 | Runner 2

Corp 3 | Runner 3

7 Apr 2020 Skippan

In matches where opponents trigger Paper Trail, I'd recommend actually to look for an early Aesop's as a key econ card instead of Connections. Also, would've liked to have a Modded to deal with the copies of R&D Interface

7 Apr 2020 lostgeek

The main question is what you would cut to add those Moddeds. It's probably the Dirty Laundries or a copy of Kati Jones. Maybe a copy of Rezeki. All of those are economy cards that are less conditional than Modded, for which you need to have an installable + Modded in hand.

10 Apr 2020 andrewjjolly

My problem with playing this deck is that sometimes I don't find the breakers until I am 4 or 5 points down. If I get them early I haven't lost yet I don't think.