[Project CROW 3 - 2] Spombo Combo

lostgeek 1805

Project CROW 3

This deck is part of the third iteration of the Project CROW mini-campaign for beginners familiar with System Core 2019. It consists of three Runner and three Corp decks, that are built up over three steps. They start at the System Core 2019 with a few additions and end up with currently competitively viable decks that have placed well in tournaments.


We'll continue our dangerous journey with a delve into combo territory. This is the Sportsmetal Combo deck, in short: Spombo. As you can see, you have a lot of agendas, much more than you can realistically score. Good thing your plan is not to actually score them the normal way.

While it is good to know what each of your agendas does, you only really need to know that you're playing 14 3/1 agendas and two copies of Project Vacheron. Project Vacheron is a great agenda, because it is worth 3 points to you, but 0 points for the Runner in the relevant turns. Your main game plan is to feed the Runner agendas left and right, while being careful to not give them the full 7 points that they actually need to win. Once they are on 5-7 agendas in their score area, your real plan kicks into motion.

It's combo time

You have Game Changer to quickly gain a lot of clicks to then draw and install a bunch of cards using Fast Break. In your combo turn, your remotes should look like this:

Once you have this set up, you can score out the 3/1 agenda in your remote. This will trigger a bunch of cards: Use Sportsmetal to draw you into more of your scoreable agendas. Use Team Sponsorship to get back two Calibration Testings and use Arella Salvatore to install another 3/1 agenda in your remote with an advancement token. You can use Breaker Bay Grid to rez the Calibration Testings without paying the rez cost and use them to add the two missing advancement tokens. Score the agenda and begin anew. Draw for agendas as needed and keep the scoring train rolling to 7 points.

While in a perfect scenario, you are 100% certain that your combo is ready, in most cases, you will need to fire the combo somewhat blindly and hope to draw into all necessary pieces with your Fast Breaks.

Watch out for your Team Sponsorships. Losing more than one of them can be devastating, as you need two to easily combo out. One Team Sponsorship can get you back the other, but this may cost you precious clicks.

Further things to keep in mind

Since you actually want to make the Runner steal your agendas, use them tactically. Protect your upgrades with them so that the Runner trashing your stuff means that they at least had to steal an agenda for it (weird to look at it that way, right?). Threaten scoring out Vacheron by double advancing it to make them steal. Install multiple copies of Research Grant against a Runner that is refusing to check your stuff and score them all at once. Feed a Megaprix Qualifier early to make them worth more to you later.

Your greatest enemy is Stargate, since it can trash your #vacheron. If the Runner can steal Project Vacheron from Archives, they will immediately get the 3 points. Make sure your R&D is iced up and prioritize this before icing up any other server.

Overview lists

These list show you what cards to put in and out for every game transition: Corp overview, Runner overview.


Replicating Perfection vs Hayley

Corp 1 | Runner 1

Corp 2 | Runner 2

Corp 3 | Runner 3

Argus vs Hoshiko

Corp 1 | Runner 1

Corp 2 | Runner 2

Corp 3 | Runner 3

Asa vs 419

Corp 1 | Runner 1

Corp 2 | Runner 2

Corp 3 | Runner 3