Spoonerisms - 3-1 @ Iberian Lockdown 4

anarchomushroom 124

The better of my two decks from IL4, I wish I could claim credit for this but this is actually nearly a card for card copy of BizTheDad's deck, which I've been playing a good bit of on JNet lately. The deck is pretty straightforward: get an Engolo down, ideally with Modded, get an econ engine in the form of either Rezeki, Kati Jones, or Supercorridor and start running. Spooned has natural synergy in the deck with both Engolo and Kit's ability, and is a great recursion target for Harmony (which did serious work on the day). The best card in the deck is absolutely Stimhack and I would honestly suggest being aggressive with them where possible. They make for great recursion targets and they let you make some really devastating runs. I won games off the back of multiple Stimhack runs.

The deck went 3-1 on the day and helped me along to a 13th place finish, only losing to an Asa combo deck which just went off too fast. Arguably I could have played more aggressively, especially as RnD was open for so long, but my money was never really there either.

Clutch moment of the day was in round 1 against Building A Better World where they had a City Works Project on 3 counters and behind three ice. I needed money and a way of not dying to Punitive, and a way to avoid taking two tags for BOOM!. I have the Stimhack in hand, I ProCo once and pull the Citadel Sanctuary I need. I run the remote, tank the five damage from the CWP, and manage to avoid taking the two tags that would make me Boom-able.

This deck is an absolute blast to play. Obviously lacking "Freedom Through Equality" and Pelangi is a downside, but that's the limitations of the Diversified Portfolio format. I never found Simulchip to be massively useful and unfortunately never came across Gebrselassie but the rest of the deck is pretty clean. The biggest thing is econ, this deck needs so much money but I'm not sure where you could slot in considering the influence is pretty tight (seriously why does this ID have ten influence??).

Thanks again to Vesper for running the Iberian Lockdown tournaments! They are an absolute blast to play and if you can, I really recommend you give it a shot!