Schüttel dein Tag (27th and 38th @ worlds)

dome_ 599

fox (Title is a reference to Peter Fox's awesome song called Schüttel dein Speck.)

After @bakunin75 placed 8th at the German Nationals with his SEA-EoI Azmari list our team started testing it. Similarly to the UK and US testing groups we liked the strength of SEA Source in the current meta.

The deck's plan is straightforward. You want to try to score a 3 pointer and two 1 pointers, make the runner poor by forcing them to run your remote over and over and then finishing up the game with SEA Source + Exchange of Information.

Thanks to Azmari's ability and all the econ cards that you can fit into a 44 card deck you will be fairly rich. The ICE in the deck are fairly cheap so it's not that difficult to maintin econ advantage until you can fire off the one SEA that counts.

We didn't make many changes:
- Took out the Lady Liberty as you always want to IAA something into the remote and Lady Liberty just draws the runner to your HQ which is usually lightly defended. In theory it's a threat that makes the runner run the remote without losing points, but usually you want them to steal 3 pointer anyway so that you can EoI it later.
- Added a 3rd Data Raven as it's the best ICE in the deck.
- Changed Archangel to Enigma as latter has an actual ETR sub and can be also fairly taxing. Also we assumed facing quite a few D4v1ds which makes Archangel just bad.
- One more IP Block as Aumakua and Brahman are cards.
- Took out an Attitude Adjustment to fit in a Preemptive Action as latter helps to get back econ if the game goes long or your "combo pieces" if they get discarded somehow.

During testing we found that the deck actually works quite well and rewards skillful play. Two of us from the team (@dome and @percomis) played it at the Worlds and although we didn't make top16 we still believe it was one of the best corps in the meta (even though a well-timed turntable can hurt the deck quite well).

Future improvements could be taking out SSLs as they can be huge liabilities and replacing them with Beales (worse with EoI, but can still be IAA-d for 3 points) and 1 more QPM (that card is really good in the deck) and replacing the Vanilla with Resistor to have at least a bit of tag punishment other than EoI.

15 Sep 2018 icecoldjazz

Good song, cool deck. :)

15 Sep 2018 percomis

Grats @dome_on the finish! Seeing you get great results with the deck on your day 1 gave me hope for mine :D

16 Sep 2018 JackMade

I feel taking out both SSL's is quite the challenge. What would you cut?

16 Sep 2018 bakunin75

Oh cool :) I would take out 1 SSL, put 1 beale and 1 more qpm in. I found 2 SSL to be quite a huge liability as well, cause its too easy for the runner to just win with 3 agendas. Agree on the 3rd Data Raven. 1 SSL in the deck should be fine though.

17 Sep 2018 dome_

i almost never used the Attitude adjustment. So that might be a cut. But I think you will have to test a few more games to find the cut. But I might think that Attitude Adj. ist the right cut.

18 Sep 2018 Vortilion

@bakunin75 Unfortunately cutting the SSL for a Project Beale and Quantum Predictive Model won't work, then you would have to add more Agenda Points cause you got 45 cards.