Dive for the win! - 2nd @ Turin CO

wowarlok 153

Diving deep to steal the agendas

Sable diving deep to steal the winning agendas!

I piloted this list at Turin CO with a 4-1 record, winning against Saraswati, PD, AgInfusion and Ob and losing against Sports metal.

The deck is a very standard reg criminal list, so I'll just go over a few cards that might need an explanation:

Deep Dive combined with Nyusha "Sable" Sintashta: Symphonic Prodigy is there to close the game, generally stealing around 4 points from R&D.

Cezve is brutally efficient, genearting credits twice as quickly as a Rezeki would, provided you keep pressuring centrals every turn.

I ended up playing Paragon over Virtuoso because I felt latter required accessing the mark many times during the course of a game to pay off, while the former consistently provided credits for running the weakest server, despite where the mark landed.

In testing Virtuoso performed wonderfully against corps with less taxing ice, but crumbled when facing slower and more defensive deck, against which I had the roughest time.

Huge thank you to @koga and @ALFlex for helping me test the deck against countless match ups and to @Berzelius for organising the event.

31 Jul 2022 ALFlex

Congratz for your placement! Well deserved <3