Modern Argus (2nd Place. Guardian Games SC)

Benjen 719

Took this to a 2nd place finish at the Guardian Games Store Championship.

(1st round Bye) 2-1 in Swiss. 1-1 in the cut. It's really good unless the guy you play against in the final has seen it 3 times on the day and knows everything you are trying to do. :(

Gameplan is simple. The ice is generally taxing so get it up and go fast. Trick the runner with NGO Front with a couple of Forced Connections in the server. Hit them with Hard-Hitting News and BOOM! or SEA Source and Exchange of Information.

There is absolutely space to change a few slots. Have fun!

25 Feb 2018 Saan

As much as I love Hostile Takeover for its instant points and its 5 bucks, I loathe the BP, especially with things like IP Block being so good in murdery Weyland. I applaud your restraint in not including it in order to keep things like IP and Veritas relevant all game long.

26 Feb 2018 Benjen

@Saan I never had a hard time getting to 7 points. EOI a standoff for a GFI. DONE! I just didn't want the bad pub.

26 Feb 2018 znsolomon

Wow, we've come full circle. From NBN stealing all the good weyland cards to weyland stealing all the good NBN cards. Well played sir.

27 Feb 2018 ogrillion

I'm looking forward to trying this out. Can I ask- why Distract the Masses? Wouldn't Preemptive Action serve the same purpose, without giving free stuff to the runner?

28 Feb 2018 Benjen

@ogrillion Honestly, I didn't even use it on the day. I have it there if I get an Atlas Counter or if I need an event RIGHT NOW with consulting visit. It certainly could be Preemptive, but then I would have to wait a turn. The first time I tested with it I was able to win using DtM to put back an EoI, SEA Source the runner, then atlas counter for the EoI.

2 Mar 2018 Thike

We must have very similar tastes in decks! I was just thinking about building something like this only to stumble across this list. <3 for any deck with Errand Boy.