jase2224 320

Bascially my LeeMaw list, but with Andy/rebirth for quicker set-up and more consistency. Lose to a brutal AgInfusion on stream after losing psi games to my accesses on The Future Perfect. Second round loss to HB Sleeper Hold that scored out the winning agenda after missing all agendas in HQ despite having HQIs up and deep medium digs. Third round won against a Ruhr Valley AgInfusion, because Medium is an okay card. Fourth round loss to Sanjay's awesome psi game of death. Last round defeated Jemision due to siphon lock and medium digs.

17 Jul 2017 Sanjay

Thank you for your positivity in the face of my cheeseball killer psi games.

Also, thank you for putting the list up. I have a friend who really wants to try out Maw Andy and was having a heck of a time find a list she liked on here. I'll pass this along.

18 Jul 2017 jase2224

It was great! I love running against Tennin. I'm sure you remember this list from awhile ago: That's from Joe who couldn't make it over the weekend, but I'm sure he would love your deck. He hasn't been around so my Tennin skills were rusty. So don't feel guilty about the kill. We kind of expect it in Colorado :)

I hope your friend likes Maw Andy. Like I said, it's pretty much my LeeMaw deck from MT. If she wants to go with the best runner ever (Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist), then cut the Rebirth for a Tem├╝jin Contract. Otherwise, I hope she likes what this list has to offer. There are a lot of other choices with Rebirth, and once you have things set up it really makes the corp not happy with their choices.