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Ataraxia 154

Jinteki glacier is still great, and that's great.

A few people mentioned they were scared to play A Teia: IP Recovery because of having to do weird brain burny tricks, but you really don't have to do anything fancy with it for it to be good here. Just install Spin Doctor/Vovô Ozetti/Adrian Seis in one remote and use it to save on install costs in the midgame (but remember to rez the Adrian/Vovô and move them to the main remote or wherever else you need them).

The first 1-2 ice you can just install normally. Just using A Teia to save on the install costs of ice 2-4 is a net gain of 6 credits and several clicks, and that's already amazing, you don't need to do any better. Then just start installing advancing cards in the remote so they have to play the "is this actually an agenda or just Charlotte Caçador again?" game. Installing a new Charlotte over another Charlotte is often a pretty good play.

Paying the full 10 for a Cloud Eater won me 2 games and catches everyone off guard, I wish I had a 2nd just to see it more often, probably over the 3rd Tributary. I think you still want at least 2 Tributaries though, that card is one of the strongest pieces of ice in the deck and you can always just trash the extras to a Hansei Review or Boto. Crisum also seemed pretty good, I'd maybe take ouf the Descent and a Mindscaping for 2 of them.