Fun (APAC 2022 1st, 2nd, 17th)

Sokka 5083

My runner was ControLat, which features a pile of OP cards.

Instead of a traditional write-up, check out this video!

You can watch me play Self-Growth Program 7 times in one game here and when you're done you can watch iceprisma play Market Forces 7 times in one game on the ProjectNISEI twitch VOD beginning at 3:23:40.

Shoutout to the Unband team for testing the deck with me and to the original creator Bridgeman even though he lost faith in the deck after losing too many times to Lat. The Lat deck is OP so I just accepted that fact and decided to bring this deck anyways after making a few changes to the original list to make the non-Lat matchups better.

Huge congrats to iceprisma who piloted this deck to 2nd place and a special mention to AxWill as well who unfortunately lost the 241 against fellow Unband member Odol in round 5 (and ended up finishing 17th).

Happy continentals season and see y'all at worlds :)

21 Aug 2022 Bridgeman

This is where it is at, the runner having installed cards and money just gets really messy, us NBN fans like to keep things simple and clean. The runner should be in a padded cell where they cant hurt anybody :D

Happy to see this doing so well :D Now brace for everybody playing lat and crushing our dreams ;(

Big congratz!

21 Aug 2022 Krasty

Comgratz! And #bandrago

21 Aug 2022 Bridgeman

As long as they ban pad tap, rezeki and tapwrm too :D

21 Aug 2022 Bridgeman

And misdirection while we are at it

21 Aug 2022 Diogene

Great deck!

Why not use Public Trail instead of Hard-Hitting News? Wouldn't it more effective (denying 8 or getting an instant tag) with the ID?

Thanks for sharing!

21 Aug 2022 Watzlav

@DiogeneMarket Forces

21 Aug 2022 Blackwing

If your only hard ETR ice is EULA and IP block, and you don't run boom, what do you do if the runner goes Tag Me and remote camps?

21 Aug 2022 Bridgeman

@Blackwing if they are tagme you can make Them creditless and get rid of installed cards, this opens up scoring Windows because the agendas have steal conditions. Also you can advance mausolus to help with this.

@Diogene Hard hitting news is for turning a low credit situation into full tagme, forcing a tag with public trail could be nice in some situations, but it is not a card that completely cripples the runner if it hits.

23 Aug 2022 NtscapeNavigator

I blame @drago for designing such a monster of a corp win con.

Nice deck, and congrats on the win Sokka.

24 Aug 2022 lopert

With HHN and ASI being 1x, and the effects essentially being covered by other parts of the deck, I'm curious to know how good they are / how many times did you fire them off during the day?

HHN I can kind of see as always useful, because burying them in more tags leads to bigger Market swings.

But ASI I feel is mostly covered by just the basic action, or if really needed, part of Self Growth.

Just trying to find space for personal tweaks xD

25 Aug 2022 Sokka

@lopert the 1x HHN is extremely important for a cut (open decklist) situation. With 1, the runner has to respect it or sometimes get wrecked. Without it, the runner can contest Drago and go to 0 credits without fearing HHN. Also once HHN is in the bin, Archived Mem means you can get it when you need. ASI is a slot that can move. ASI is there for decks that install a lot of 0-1 cost resources (like Pad Taps, companions, Adam stuff). Paying a click and 2 to trash resources is pretty expensive because this deck is generally quite poor at the start. ASI is especially important to have against Adam (have have the money and time to trash all the cheap resources).

For slots that can be tweaked, the possible ones I see are: Subliminal, ASI, second Attitude, NGO, and Rashida.

The ice can be shifted but I don’t think it should ever go below 12 unless you’re okay with losing to criminals