Fun+ - now with explosives

Bl4nk3t 616

This is my take on Reality+ refining the prison deck pioneered by Sokka234. since I didn't buy the archetypes chances would be so utterly crushed by facing a field of Lats.

I came 11th out of 47 in the German Nationals 2022 with it, narrowly missing the cut of Top8. My Runner was the fabulous Wonderwoman by Bing005

Making both Germanys best Alice and Germanys Best R+ but

neither Germanys best Anarch (@Inermis and @RustRyder brought Hoshiko home to the top cut) nor Germanys best NBN which was @bking 's CtM prison in the cut, which I like to dub CtM Dungeons & Dragos right here :).

Changes are as follows:

  • -1 IP Block
  • +1 Turnpike
  • -1 Mausolos - sad but needed to free up influence
  • +1 Sync BRE - underestimated Ice, but still worse than Turnpike in a Boat Meta

  • +1 Boom! to actually be able to go in for a kill

  • -1 Archived Memories - also very sad, but made room for influence
  • +2 Retribution - to actually kill a boat, not just workshop it in the self-growth program
  • -1 Self Growth Program - bouncing stuff is nice, unless the runner installs only Rezekis - these are better left to Retribution to deal with
  • -1 Attitude Adjustment - I figured skimping on the stall would hurt the least
  • -1 Rashida - although certainly nice, ultimately expendable in the list
  • +1 Lily Lockwell - this is a little Jank I was allowing myself here - also helping to find Tag punishment should you lack the opportune one for the occasion.

with the upcoming new banlist, Archived Memories won't be around anymore - in this list it should be replaced by Restore - which costs 1 more inf. Playing 2 would be really nice though - but that would mean not playing Retribution anymore (or no Boom!). I will experiment with playing a singleton Genotyping, Retribution and Restore going forward. Either way, the Lily Lockwell becomes more important to actually get what you need to punish the runner.

Tournament Report for German Nationals 2022

TL;DR: 4-2

  • Round1: got swept by the excellent @Feathermark on PE and Captain Padma (in the end they turned out to be both Germanys top Captain Padma and top PE , tied on 19 points and both of us being the highest placement without a chance for the top cut.)

  • R2: Corp Split against @gegenzeit on Sportsmetal and Steve

    • was looking good for Steve until he died to Boom!
  • R3: Draw and Runner Win against @Synisill on Ob and Tao

    • our first match went a little long, and the corp match being the second was just both of us on 3 points. I felt positioned relatively comfortably, but Boat Captain Tao was putting up harder pressure than expected.
  • R4: swept fellow Teammate from the day before @114141 now on PD and Hoshiko - always sad to face someone from your meta, since you won't both be able to win.

    • Attitude Adjustment really earned it's slot in this game putting back 2 Agendas and earning cred after mulligan and mandatory draw. It was looking good for Hoshiko until she died to Boom!
  • R5: swept @ataraxis (PE; Hoshiko )

    • On the upset of the day during the PE match, I ran Archives with 4 cards in grip - one being Steelskin, a Anemone got rezzed, discarding a card - bringing my Alice down to 2 cards (still 1 Steelskin) - I decided to access and force another trash from HQ. I got thrown a Sting (and ataraxis already had 1 scored) - the issue of trigger order (PE first, or Sting) was brought up to a Judge and it was ruled that PE would trigger second - guaranteeing a hit of Steelskin. Since we continued on the day, Alice was making life hard for Jinteki ultimately winning on time. On the following day we learned (and informed the judge) that they trigger in the same step, and since they are both effects controlled by the corp, the corp may choose the order. So ataraxis could have chosen to trigger the PE damage first, giving me a 50/50 chance to die to Sting right at that moment. The more you know.
    • Hoshiko on the other hand had me in the ropes for most of the game until she decided to go for tag me a bit after the 3rd drago, fully committing to tag me after the followup Market Forces into HHN.

PS: yes, all corp wins were runners falling prey to a Boom!