Bloppo Research (13th at APAC 2023)

profwacko 104

Pretty much took this list from @Jai a few days before the tournament, I was sold when he said (non-verbatim) "You can play Oppo Research at 5 credits with the R+ trigger".

The goal: force the runner to eventually go tag-me or lose to Bladderwort.

That said, you need to do that with the first ARES score. I felt that in practice, the deck falls apart if you can't score out the first AR-Enhanced Security -- Lady Liberty or an early Ping helps with that. It's very difficult to pressure the runner without the "take Bladderwort net damage or trash and take tag" fork, especially once they have built up a decent econ board state.

Once you score out the AR-Enhanced Security, you still need to pilot the deck to actually win: - You need make creative plays to stay low on credits for Bladderwort -- overwriting Marilyns, using Oppo, building multi-ice servers - You need to figure out which cards to filter through with DBS and Federal Fundraising - Threat 3 needs to be reached after that to close out with Oppo Research -- you might even want to feed/try to score a Bellona to the Runner

Jai has a great writeup on the deck on his list:

I'm running the same list as him but at: +1 Tollbooth -1 SanSan City Grid. I did not rez the Tollbooth at all the entire tournament, so I felt the SanSan might have been the better choice. In my head, you need some way to score out/lockout runners but the deck just floats too few credits to decently rez a Tollbooth.

Big props and thank yous again to my testing group @HaverOfFun, @AugustusCaesar, and congratulations, especially to @Jai who piloted his list to 2nd place.