Aniccam Chaos - GLC Modded

ValkyriezGaming 248

Aniccam Chaos. Firstly, 40 card deck, lots of draw and the best breakers of thier types in the modded format cardpool, so thats a good start.

The problem. Not much influence left over for other good cards.

The solution? Harmony AR Therapy.

The idea here is to get Aniccam down as soon as possible, so mulligan for it. If you get a Dirty Laundry in your opening hand, even better. Install the console, laundry a server or the bin if they are iced up and get back to 5 credits.... and a free card.

And that's how the whole deck plays. First event you play each turn is your draw engine. Get breakers down, get money and run servers relatively cheaply with efficient breakers.

Some specific card choices that seem out of place:

Easy Mark - play it first click, 3c and a card is good value for a single influence.

Spec Work - 3c profit and 3 cards. This is better than a Diesel anyway, downside is you have to trash a program. This works best with a Pelangi with no virus tokens left on it. Oh, you've trashed a program this turn? That's ok, now trash Simulchip and re-install it with 2 more virus tokens...... for free.

Pelangi - why Pelangi? Gordian Blade is really good at breaking decoders, its even better at breaking multiple decoders on the same server as you only need to raise the strength once. Pelangi let's you "paint" one ice per turn into a codegate. So if you have an Engram Flush on the outside of a two ice server, and an Eli 1.0 on the inner ice, you boost Gordian 3 times, break Engram Flush, then when you encounter the Eli 1.0, you simply paint it with Pelangi into a codegate and break it for 2 credits. Gordian and Pelangi allow you to be aggressive early and contest servers without needing all your breakers.

Kati Jones - this is your long game economy. Try to click it every turn, and take it when it gets to 12 or 15c just in case you lose it to resource trashing.

Harmony AR Therapy and why 3 of them? I use this to recycle the high impact events that I could only fit one of in the deck. Ideally, when you use this card you put back Legwork, Bravado, The Maker's Eye, Stimhack and anything else you think you need, maybe a pelangi? Or a simulchip to get another pelangi, or maybe just an Easy Mark. This is also your multi access plan, ideally allowing you to play the afore mentioned cards four times in a game if you have to, so don't be shy about using that Legwork early, or that bravado for early game tempo.

The Akamatsu Mem Chip lets you sit all your breakers on the table, all three Rezeki and a single Pelangi.

Any questions, fire away.