Aniccam Lat - StartUp

ValkyriezGaming 412

Mulligan for Aniccam if you can, or Prepaid VoicePAD, DZMZ Optimizer is also worth a starting hand to make Rezeki more value.

The idea behind Aniccam in Lat: Ethical Freelancer is to get two cards a turn on draw, clicklessly. The first will come from playing an event, the second from Lat's ID ability by matching the corps handsize at the end of your turn. Side benefits include being very hard to kill via Punitive Counterstrike after a score.

So that's the draw engine in addition to some extra draw in Diesel and the 1x VRcation. This will get you through your deck if you play fast, use the events as you draw them and get the ID trigger as much as possible.

The econ engine? It's split 3 ways on drip from Rezeki, Daily Casts and your econ events subsidised with Prepaid VoicePAD. You get extra use out of your powerful events with Harmony AR Therapy by cycling them into your deck. Use PPVP to pay for the HART (you won't get a draw from Aniccam here), priority events to cycle back would be Bravado, Tread Lightly, Dirty Laundry, Khusyuk and Legwork (more on these next).

How do you win? Pressure and multi-access. With HART you have 3x copies of Legwork and 4x copies of Khusyuk. Conduit is your R&D multi access but it also has an interesting interaction with Khusyuk. If you have several counters on Conduit (4 or more) it can be game winning to use Khusyuk calling "2" (Rezeki, Corroder, DZMZ), R&D gets Shuffled and then use Conduit to access 4+ cards.

Tread Lightly to help keep the corp honest and low in credits. Legwork to check HQ when you can and Simulchip and Harmony AR Therapy make you very resistant to any sort of program trashing. If you need to steal an SDS Drone Deployment, sacrifice a Rezeki.

Breakers are relatively best in slot in the card pool and are cheap to install, and efficient to use.

3 Apr 2021 Dirjel

For the inf, I think 1x Docklands Crackdown is probably a better pick than 1x Legwork, even with the marginal value of Aniccam and PPVP.

If you had the inf to slot more Legworks, it would probably be fine to skip the crackdown, but as it is, I think it's probably worth looking into.

3 Apr 2021 ValkyriezGaming

@DirjelDocklands Pass is a good card and a decent swap for Legwork. I'm into events myself, but the value of 2 access multiple turns over a game is high.

3 Apr 2021 Baa Ram Wu


I like the variety of multi access when playing Harm AR! And the mix of up front event econ + long term rezeki drop looks solid!

I’m sad to not be able to play modded in annicam decks any more!

15 Jul 2021 SOnions

"If you have several counters on Conduit (4 or more) it can be game winning to use Khusyuk calling "2"."

I don't think Conduit accesses extra cards this way. You have to use the click ability on the card itself to get the bonus so playing an event to trigger the run won't work. (It will still gain an extra token if the run is successful though.)

15 Jul 2021 Baa Ram Wu

@SOnions- valk isn’t saying that you’ll get extra accesses with the conduit but rather that you can use the Khyshuk’s shuffle ability to see more of the deck - i.e run with Khyshuk, access one of the top 4-6 cards, then run with conduit and access a fresh 5 or 6 cards.