Always Be Red Level CleaRestorinG (2nd at GNK)

Krasty 386

Deck is based on two decks: 2-1 @ Intercontinentals - 8th Place - Always Be Restoring by @MelkorsFolly and Mirrorbox by @TugtetguT. It has some small changes provided by me.

Dou you know how frustrating is gameplay where runner has 3 clicks and corp has 4 (even if each is different)? Just try to play this and look in this Magical Mirror!

It is so blast to play! So many options you can (?) do with ID itself, Bass CH1R180G4, RLC and/or Restore. Everything supported with Gingerbread City Grid + ultimate draw and click compression.
Possible future changes:
-1 Fast Track -> +1 RLC
-1 Tech Startup -> +1 Bass CH1R180G4

21 Aug 2020 Longi

nice one, Krasty, and nice performance

23 Aug 2020 Trismagistos

Hey. Krasty. Very nice deck....i will test it :-)