Akiko Goes Mining (Badly)

Finnbar 12

mining according to akiko, probably (yes, this isn't a GIF, I'm sorry)

I've been playing this deck for a while and it's been fun! So I thought I'd publish it. It also came first in a very small university Netrunner league (alongside my Outfit deck), but I won't pretend that's like winning a Store Championships or something. It's based off a previous Mining Accident Akiko deck by icecoldjazz, although it makes a few different decisions.

It's a pretty standard Shaper deck in terms of its economy - get Professional Contacts on the board as soon as you can and use Hyperdriver with it to pretend you've made friends with Rashida Jaheem. You've got a couple of other fun economy options in the form of Kati Jones, The Artist, Psych Mike and Beth Kilrain-Chang - these don't need to be installed early but once you get them they're nice to have. The extra MU of Supercorridor means you can fairly safely install at least one Rezeki alongside a Pelangi and all of your breakers.

You'll definitely do a good amount of breaking with Inversificator and Pelangi - being able to move a troublesome piece of ice to another server is amazing and I'm kind of surprised that people don't run Inversificator more! (I guess the answer is because Engolo exists...) Using Stimhack and Self-modifying Code to get Inversificator as quickly as possible is very sensible, especially as Supercorridor can offset that brain damage.

Because you're Akiko, you get to be aggressive with running R&D! And with those runs comes the economy of Mining Accident! You should probably be aiming for the bad publicity (so play when the Corp is low on money) because that's incredibly useful economy. This bit is definitely my favourite bit of icecoldjazz's deck. (Yes, the description says to probably drop it, and also that Misdirection is for the weak but I didn't drop it and also I am weak.)

The flex slots are definitely Miss Bones and Marathon - the former is really, really good but if you need space for Clot then it's probably the card to go. Marathon is mainly there because I am terrible at playing against Asset Spam.

Anyway, try it out, it's fun. Big love goes to the Warwick Uni Netrunner community for being great fun and putting up with many Mining Accidents.