Restoring Archived Data (Nottingham Top 8, Undefeated)

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Hello 156

This went 3-0 at Nottingham, and every game has felt fun. A lot of people saw Restoring Humanity and assumed it was a Punitive Counterstrike list, but they were in for a surprise. Thank you to all my opponents for great day, and congratulations to lif3line for winning despite a lose to this.

The game plan is to get Hearts and Minds and / or Cohort Guidance Program on the table, and use them to never-advance one or two 5/3s, charge up a Ronin, or fuel Charlotte. Then, through some combination of the Runner misplaying, Reaper Function, and Ronin, score one or two Blood in the Water. You can also keep an eye out for a chance to kill the Runner, but just getting them to zero cards and scoring 4 points can be quite a lot easier.

To protect the key assets, you have Hostile Architecture (which you want to find quickly), Front Company (which I've only tended to rez when all centrals are iced), Urtica Cipher blank installed to discourage checking remotes (and can store advancement counters for Hearts and Minds) and spiky Jinteki ice. Some of these can cost a lot, but having about 15c is often enough, as people don't like facechecking into Jinteki. You need to be able to rez Hostile Architecture and one big ice, and to be ready to bounce back with Charlotte, Cohort, and your ID.

Understand that you will be drawing and trashing a good number of cards, including putting one or two 5/3s in Archives if they come up too early, and it's usually HQ and Archives that you want to ice first. Leaving R&D open isn't too much of a risk early on, as you only have seven agendas, and the Runner trashing assets from R&D means they're not building up economy to trash your installed assets.

Lessons learned from the tournament: Bring Them Home can be swapped for something else. It was always an easy Cohort trash target, and while it can slow the Runner down, the deck slots can be better spent elsewhere. I'm going to try +1 Vampyronessa, +1 Regolith Mining Licence.

Genotyping is another potential include, as adding facedown cards to Archives and having some way to recur key assets is very good for the deck, but I think just rushing might be the better strategy than giving the Runner time to set up. I also really didn't want this to be a grinder list, though I'm sure the shell could do that sort of plan very well.

26 Mar 2024 Yrare

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2 Apr 2024 Diogene

I have a couple of questions :

  1. Why no Spin Doctor? It would seems to me to allow a nice control of archive. And if no Spin Doctor, why not use Moon Pool?
  2. How often are you searching for ices, with only 7 of them?
  3. How good were Hostile Architecture?
  4. Do you think you could get similar resullts with Seamless Launch, instead of Hearts and Minds?

Your deck is amazing! Cheers!

2 Apr 2024 Hello
  1. The first reason for not including Spin Doctors was that I really wanted to find Hostile Architecture quickly, so 3 of them seemed necessary, and you will want to have found at least one Hearts and Minds (or 2 Cohort Guidance Program, but that's inherently harder to set up and keep around) by the time you draw your second 5/3. That left no influence free. The second reason is that I played the deck in a relatively rush-like style, and naturally wanted to protect Archives, so recursion didn't feel quite so necessary and might have shifted the deck towards a slower, more grindy playstyle. Moon Pool might work as an in-faction way to save agendas in Archives if the Runner does ever check there, but 3c is not nothing, and I'm not sure what you'd cut for it.

  2. It did happen that I didn't find ice as quickly as I might have liked, but not too often, and adding a Vampyronessa should help with that.

  3. Very. Each one slows the Runner down by at least a turn trashing them then drawing and moneying up, dissuades trashing assets for a few turns while the Runner gets to a position where they feel comfortable dealing with it, or makes the Runner give up on controlling your board all together.

  4. Seamless Launch isn't a bad idea, as it's less vulnerable to being trashed, but it doesn't enable a few tricks that Hearts and Minds lets you pull. The first of these is charging up a Ronin or Urtica Cipher without slowing you down or using up Cohort fuel, which helps to present more threats to the Runner and increase the chance that they slip up. The second is not something you should expect to do frequently, but I have managed to pull it off: Use some combination of Hearts and Minds and Cohort Guidance Program to get a Fuji and Ronin to at least 4 counters each, score the Fuji and click the Ronin, if the Runner is still alive, use each remaining click to score a Blood in the Water from HQ. Reaper Function can either substitute for the Ronin or get a kill if used in tandem.