Cannon Rush v2.0 -> best (and only) Jemison at Eur-Afr Contz

Krasty 416

This deck is based on awsome Cannon Rush deck piloted by @bing005 at APAC.

Mine result was 4:2 -> two wins was just scored out, two was by murders ... two looses was with Apoc MaxX (masterfully piloted by @mjp) and second lost was by CS Zahya with Obelus - I had so bad and slow start in this match-up and also killing somebody with 10+ cards in hand is not so easy.
At all it is so fun to play this deck! If somebody find slot for another Oberth Protocol, put it inside (maybe swap it with Sacrifice is right place to start). That fun, when runner goes for City Works Project, and after successful run, but before access you rez Oberth and put some more counters CWP which kills innocent runner, is huge.