Neue alte Scheiße (3rd at German Nats)

Heinzel 1293

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14 Jan 2020 zmb

So Wall to Wall is the new Illegal Arms Factory -that's quite clever :-) How do you protect it until rezzed, with so little ice though? I guess you don't use it a lot to place adv counters, but take it back to hand after use?

14 Jan 2020 Heinzel

Oftentimes the remote server is the first one to get iced to put a rashida or wall to wall in. You only put it back into your hand if you want protect something against clot. Otherwhise you are happy to use it to advance ice walls or Hortum against 419.

14 Jan 2020 zmb

It ran a bit poor when I tested it and even only faced one 419. Did you experience the same? Maybe Too Big to Fail or Paywall Implementation for money and Red Level Clearance to make the GFI's less of a liability? Not sure what to cut though... Well done with the finish!

15 Jan 2020 Heinzel

You only need a lot of money for Biotic labor. Audacity for atlas is 1 credit and Dedication Recoco is 2 credits. I think the influence is set as it is since you need Biotics to play around clot and to score GFIs.

15 Jan 2020 5N00P1

@zmbPaywall Implementation has rotated! Be careful!

15 Jan 2020 Gries

How do you use Reconstruction Contract in this deck?

16 Jan 2020 Heinzel

@GriesYou use it with dedicatoin ceremony to fast advance

16 Feb 2020 Smieszny

3x Fast track. I hate it. What your thoughts obout this card?

16 Feb 2020 Smieszny

How much do you afraid clot in meta right now? +1x Arc Lockdown will be fine?