[throwback] Hades shard zahya

nbkelly 709

I'm going to be (trying to) publishing a list a day for two weeks, in anticipation for my upcoming New Year, Old Cards throwback tournament.

The original version of this list was my counter surveillance Zahya from APAC. That one was already cheesy, abusing the interaction between Slipstream and Counter Surveillance (read the other decklist to learn how/why that works). Now, thanks to being able to pick throwback cards, we can up the cheese significantly.

Let's carefully read a few cards.

First, Obelus. Obelus says "The first time each turn a successful run on HQ or R&D ends, draw 1 card for each time you accessed a card during that run".

Second, Zahya Sadeghi: Versatile Smuggler. Zahya says "Whenever a run on HQ or R&D ends, you may gain 1[credit] for each time you accessed a card during that run. Use this ability only once per turn."

What does this mean? Both obelus and Zahya will allow you to gain their bonuses after the run if you somehow access a bunch of cards outside of your regular access step. This is where Hades Shard comes into play.

Let's carefully read Hades Shard. "Whenever you make a successful run on Archives, instead of breaching Archives, you may install this resource from your grip, ignoring all costs. [trash]: breach archives. You cannot access cards in the root of archives during this breach. Limit 1 per deck."

Let's put all those parts in bold together.

  • You make a run on archives to install Hades Shard
  • You make a run on HQ or R&D with jailbreak
  • You fire Hades shard, accessing all the cards in archives (for the sake of example, 10)
  • You breach the attacked server, drawing a card and accessing two cards
  • The run ends.
  • You use Zahya to gain 12 credits.
  • You use Obelus to draw 12 cards.

Seems like good value to me.

7 Jan 2022 Vocke

this is cool

9 Jan 2022 bing005

Awesome idea! Outside of harmony, levy and reclaim are there any ways to recur hades for additional value?

9 Jan 2022 callforjudgement

@bing005: Buffer Drive seems like a decent option for that. (Technically Labor Rights can also recur Hades Shard, but I think it would be a poor fit for this deck compared to the other possibilities.)

11 Jan 2022 5N00P1

seems kind of similar to the Faust Whizzard: Master Gamer decks from Worlds 2016 that use the cards to break into servers and Spam Siphon all over again and again.
Hate Bear it was: netrunnerdb.com Rebirth into Omar as always...