Big Lad & His 3 Smol Boyes v3.0 - 1st Swiss, 3rd Final @BCOM

ExtraC 178


...Turns out maw is a good card when you can get free asset accesses...

It's been a wild ride for our big lad, originally created as a 45 card "Best Deck that was definitely going to win worlds" in 2019 (which subsequently did not, in fact, win worlds), went to sleep for 2 years and awakened again gaining somewhere around 15-25 cards and placing highly in worlds 2021 under some excellent players.

2022 bought us Light the Fire! which freed up some influence from Polop (as well as pulling double duty as a pseudo Stimhack for dealing with overstacked or otherwise expensive asset remotes like Jeeves). It also bought us Azef which meant early pressure to leverage into late game vs Gagarin and Outfit took even more importance over solely late game pressure.

To that end, the Big Lad was rejoined by their Turtle Buddy, and DJ Barry Milton-Keynes was cut (though missed, of course). I found vs Outfit rush and PD the counters can quickly tip the balance even with cyberdex around and vs Gagarin adding it to the already stacked remote asset triggers can keep you in the game and fuel you for the point where you turn your attention from the remotes to centrals. Depending on how the matchup is going vs CTM it can become worth overriding with paperclip on encounter vs IP block so use with caution.

Big thanks to PSK and the Barcelona crew for Bcom, it was a wonderful event and it's so encouraging to see netrunner played in person again with such awesome people. Looking forward to more!!

5 Apr 2022 Cliquil


5 Apr 2022 anarchomushroom

Mods please delete this decklist, this gif is not okay towards tempo asset players

5 Apr 2022 Swiftie

I like the gif.

5 Apr 2022 pspacekitten

This is excellent 👌

5 Apr 2022 Lukenukem

Great gif

5 Apr 2022 Havvy

Great GIF, and great result!

5 Apr 2022 Radiant

Love the gif, and always love to see turtle in decks. Nice work!

6 Apr 2022 Rahrhino

"Barry Milton-Keynes" has to be one of the best ones yet XD