Gotta Go Fast vWhatever

Vicarin 132

This is my current version of the silly Atlas deck I've been trying out after seeing the basic idea done by someone else.

Just load up as many FA tools as possible, grab your GFIs so you don't care about big digs as much, and try to get that Atlas train going ASAP.

Biotic, Audacity, and Dedication + Reconstruction all allow for Atlas to be scored from HQ, and the New Construction can be scored using Dedication + Reconstruction as well.

Quite a lot of flex slots and I'm not sure what ice is most useful to slightly slow down the runner (don't end up needing ice in most matchups anyway). Worst case scenario is going up against something like Maw that can make it hard to hold FA pieces for long enough. Might be a better use of the last 2 inf than Archived Memories as well, but it does help if you need a specific piece (also makes it easier to threaten BOOM if they insist on floating tags.

8 Mar 2018

I don't like it already - and I haven't even played against it yet ..

10 Mar 2018 Inactivist

I hate it and I've been playing it a fair bit.

11 Mar 2018 Chicken Slayer

Can confirm, deck is annoying as balls even if you have the tools to fight it