Cold Brew Keeling [2-1, 8th @ May AMT]

jfoley 80

This is my version of Brandon's AgInf prison deck that I played at the May AMT.

Biggest differences were that I was had not yet seen the Attitude Adjustment light and went with Genotyping to get enough influence to slot 3x Warroid Tracker. I was also on Divert Power to rez chonky ICE in the position I want, reset Anemone/Magnet, and speed up Keeling.

Wins against Smoke and good stuff Hoshiko - only loss was to Brandon's Big Hoshiko in Rd 3 because I allowed an ill-advised Obo steal from top of RnD after a Stargate turn instead of just drawing it into hand. Pushed out the prison, but RnD didn't hold up to Stargate digs to find a Send a Message just at he got to 0 hand size.

I 241'd rd 4 and flipped runner so only got in 3 games with this list, but if I win my runner game rd 4 I would've made the cut on tiebreaks.

Genotyping was meh and I missed to tempo draws of Rashida and Attitude Adjustment to allow quicker, safer setup.

Thanks to Brandon for allowing me to test and refine this list with him!