[SOCR6] Good Tree

internet_potato 956

This deck went undefeated in Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 6 . That was good enough to barely get me into the cut with a massively disappointing runner.

Obokata, NGO, and Bio Vault give you a couple of IAA options and force the runner to check your expensive-ass remote. MCAAP continues to be a beast of a card, especially when the runner is afraid of a surprise Anansi. It helps to close out the game with 4/2's. Rashida Jaheem gives you some good never-advance options with the 2nd Medical Breakthrough and Braintrust.

Ash 2X3ZB9CY and the 3rd Medical Breakthrough are also good closers, assisted by Fast Track. Overall, this worked pretty well because the SOCR6 card pool (Red Sands, Kitara, Terminal Directive, and a big box (H&P)) has a lot of great corp econ but the runner is a little more scrappy.

For tech choices-- Kakugo can swap out for Envelope if you expect to be up against Laamb, which appeared to be the most popular fracter by far in this event. In my one game against Freedom Khumalo, I went to 54 cards so that I could put in 3x Genotyping to recover from his ID ability and the (expected) clan vengeance. That game ended with the runner hitting Snare! on turn 3 so it turned out to be a moot point, but worth thinking about in a similar cardpool.

I recorded most of my games, which can be found on the event's Always Be Running page. Thanks as always to FightingWalloon for putting together this great event and to the fabulous community over at #cacherefreshtourney. SOCR meta best meta.