Standard Adam (2-3, 12th Swiss, Amer Continentals 2021)

Saja_PL 153

First, I'd like to thank the Nisei team for organizing the tournaments and keeping the title alive.

My opponents; Quercia, Scorpi, YsengrinSC, atc123, a_suri, encoder for your patience and understanding.

This is pretty standard Adam's list. Simple plan. Stabilize the economy. Install Egolo. Start jumping with multi access and pray to RnD god that something valuable from these jumps can be stolen.

Rethinking after the tournament:

-1 Reclaim -1 Corroder +1 Paperclip +1 Political Operative

Original deck notes:

Errata 2021 VIII 26

-1 Brain Chip -1 Na'Not'K -1 Paperclip -1 Earthrise Hotel

+1 T400 Memory Diamond +1 Corroder +1 Odore +1 Jailbreak

30 Aug 2021 boreira

T400 hardcore stuff

30 Aug 2021 Saja_PL

@boreira semi good.