Pile of Rips

x3r0h0ur 8752

This is the list I played at the Magnum Opus, it went 4-3 costing me the day 2 cut. I had a pretty bad first 4 rounds when I drew 5 of the 6 agendas in my first few cards, every game (might be bad shuffling, might be fate for being so lucky every other game in my life). The rest of the day was smooth sailing and the deck performed amazingly.

Deck is just solid cost to money generation, with good draw to get out 2 ice on the remote and jam 1, then another ice and jam out the other agenda.

Crisiums were because indexing and Maker's, but really sucks vs TTW. I tweaked this list for anrach and played mostly shapers, which was not the best, but I did put up wins vs shapers. (I played 4 smoke....). I think it would have done better vs anarch than shaper. I don't regret the deck choice, just the shuffles.

I could see cutting 1 preemptive for 1 attitude adjustment, but if you run out of NGOs you better be able to stop the runner with ash, because the bluffs are off. Given you mostly rush with this, you possibly don't need them, so flood mitigation closes the last weakness I've found. Also, news hound is overrated.