Ethical White Hatter - BC Regionals Top 4

Solomir 202

Latchwork has been a somewhat popular take on Lat in the past couple months, but my inner hipster decided to try something against the grain and explore possibilities. Scanning the ID card, I looked to come up with a new angle to try building the deck. I started at the top left corner, and that's as far as I got as that's where I found the inspiration for this deck.

1-link runners have historically run Security Nexus even without further link to back it. What Lat brings to the table is a fairly consistent clickless draw as well as a host of shaper tools. Rezeki provides drip that can be tutored (for a cost). Self-modifying Code and Clone Chip provide ways to manage programs throughout the game. Pelangi allows for pressure with a single breaker before the Nexus is set up. Khusyuk delivers the deep dig finisher, as it turns out that Rezeki and Power Taps costing 2 work well with Khyusuk.

I brought this to BC Regionals and made top 4 cut, although this deck only performed 2-4 the whole day. All losses were to Loop Palana, which has a robust early-mid game scoring plan and plenty of Anansis to stifle Nexus.

Improvements to this deck would largely be the early game economy and icebreaker efficiency. And maybe Akamatsus as 3 Rezekis with no Nexus in sight is a bit of a downer.