Odonuvo 35

Crown of Servers 2020: We were planing to do Mushin and Kakurenbos in every deck, and then the pandemic happened.

This deck is a continuation of that idea, except I played it in standard as my teammates this year weren't down for full mitosis builds.

This is jank. It won 2 games of 7 (8 if you count friendlies).

Despite the track record, I had a lot of fun playing this deck. Most people I faced were happy to oblige in the shenaneghians or at the very least encourage the jank that was unfolding before them. Those matches were the ones I enjoyed playing the most despite the fact that they were all losses.

I forgot Neurospike was a thing but if I had to make a change I'd go:

- 2 Gene Splicer

+ 2 Neurospike

Why? With mitosis you're laying agendas out there to threaten multiple scores in one turn. Score 2 one point agendas and deal 2 net damage, then deal another 2 off of neurospike which is a near flatline. Score an Obokata and anything else and it's a kill.

I'd also consider swapping something else out for more Urticas. With the splicers removed you have far fewer traps.

The Plan

  1. Keep a consistent economy for advancing
  2. Mitosis

Flatline the runner or score out while they lick their wounds. Preferably the former.

Play mitosis all day every day. Play it on Snare, play it on Clearinghouse, play it on agendas. Just mind games. Spin Doctor those bad boys back in. Agendas got sabotaged into archives and you have Spin Doctor? Doesn't matter, we have Mitosis to save!

No mitosis you ask? Well then it's time to do what it says on the shirt I was wearing:




If NGO is double advanced on the table, stay below 4 credits to make them think Snare isn't an option. Pop it before any access to make them think it's something crazy or maybe a snare to encourage them to jack out.

If somehow you do scare them out and score False Lead, use it to threaten Clearinghouse or multiple agenda scores in one turn for flatlining. Gene Splicer is a fun trap that can be used either to close off the game if they leave it alone.


For the most part, people didn't fall for my tricks and just drew + ran on everything I threw out. The sheer number of people running Reavershop Wu that day meant Stoneship was always out in droves too so False Lead wasn't viable.

vs Az:

They did some spicy combo where they installed The Class Act and then installed another one to start their next turn with 10 cards in hand. They ran on a Gene Splicer with 8 tokens on it and lived. I wasn't even mad.

Vs Wu (no idea which as it was over by turn 6):

I had 3 credits and 2 mitosis servers. I had 3 credits with NGO and Clearinghouse facedown with 2 counters from a mitosis. My opponent ran the clearninghouse, I popped NGO and scared him off. After a few turns of slow advancing and throwing out naked agendas I started my turn with a 5 counter clearninghouse and un-advanced Blood in the Water. Flatline with 3 clicks remaining.

Vs Ken: I mitosis'd a Snare and later Hangeki'd and access. They didn't trash it and I believe I used it to Hangeki a second time later on. That was fun. Still lost the round but it was hilarious to get value off of a face up, double advanced snare.

Final Round:

We did a 2-for-1 so one of us could get the HHN promos. I was not at all confident here. I scored 2 False leads early on but they weren't letting me be in a situation where I could flatline them if I ended their turn. I ended up scoring a house of knives and later an Obokata to close the game when they were on 5 or 6 points. It was a very close game and the longer it dragged on the more I played for points instead of flatline since promos were at stake.