Worst Deck Ever (0-4 @ Bristol Regional)

rotage 2916

This is perhaps the worst deck I have ever come up with, not only did it lose all its games at the Bristol regional it didn't come close to winning any of them.

Idea of the deck is to use Gravedigger along with Clan Vengeance and By Any means to trash the assets Gagarin has and then use Clan Vengeance to clear the hand out and the following turn using Gravedigger to mill cards from R&D, unfortunately every game I was missing key pieces and spent the game drawing

Please do not play this deck

24 Aug 2019 NtscapeNavigator

Have you thought about including [[zer0]]?

24 Aug 2019 rotage

Lol, would be nice I did search for cards that work with Clan Vengeance and it did come up