Hari MCA

Jayjaxx 21

Get a data ward on a remote with an MCAed corporate in there then just score out or BOOM! them usually from that server if they have the money to break it then just close those accounts. Use salem's to snipe important things such as Parasite or non-consiracy breakers. Market research is in there as just a 3/4 agenda score that a quantum which is extremely easy and a global thats gg.

Now that the errata is out replace the corporate troubleshooters with zealous judges

4 May 2017 Urziel

Deck looks really nice I will give it a try.

Some thoughts:

  1. Exchange of Information can only be used efficiently with Quantum Predictive Model in this deck.
  2. With 6 unused influence there is some flexibility and room for maneuver.
  3. Employee Strike is not going to wreck this deck, same with Hacktivist Meeting, you might have a slight problem with Rumor Mill - but nothing game breaking (it won't affect you Corporate / MCA Informant), so no currents is a viable option.