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Grimwalker 638

Post Rotation involuntary net celebrityhood!

MCA Informant turns on Zealous Judge!

Get money, give tags!

Salems needs no explanation. They're great in pairs to make sure the second lands.

Exchange that Information!

Authenticator, the best Harischandra Ice! Data Raven, the second best Harischandra ice! Data Ward, the third best Harischandra Ice! IP Blocks because AI is so hot right now.

Memo to the legal department, can we please start screening our GAENS participants for past negative relationships with the Weyland corporation? This is getting expensive.

3 Nov 2017 A_Runner_is_No_One

Love the deck. It's not quite as grindy as Fox News or IG Prison, and it does seem to take a bit of skill to pilot beyond the classic HHN into BOOM!.

A great lesson of the value of Agenda density and pairing with with ICE and operations.