Chomping on Metal - 5 -2 at Worlds

YsengrinSC 400

This is another year where I bring a slightly suboptimal HB list and it sorta doesn't matter until I'm in an elimination match, and then I play poorly on top of it.

This deck was heavily hit when Project Vacheron got banned, as playing Ikawah Project seemed like a no go. Losing on 3 accesses is just not acceptable for this dicey of list. So I went to GFI, which meant I had to cut one Audacity. This became 2x Predictive Planogram, which was fine, but I get the niggling sense there would be many better options. The ICE suite is also not right. I think the ICE count is about right (with fewer Audacities scoring behind ICE is a bit better). But this list went 5-2 on the day, winning 4 games on turn 8.

All of the games where I won on turn 8 were fairly similar. Putting a Megaprix Qualifier or Hyperloop Extension on the board turn one was really useful for forking the runner is a brutal way. But it came back to bite me against Pinsel who installed an Imp turn one and wrecked my board.

My game with Sanjay was very close, and I think if I'd ICE'd HQ before R&D I would have won. Also if Sanjay hadn't sniped every good card with Maw.

I went into worlds thinking this list was going to be a huge gamble, but it basically did everything I could have asked of it, and was also simple and fast to play.