Watchwoman xX v2.2

Bl4nk3t 476

Update for Euros 2018: -1 Trope, +1 I've Had Worse as you may note - there is no Rogue Trading which I considered to be too slow to be able to keep up with Titan FA. Also it pushes this deck in the direction of being a pure combo based R&D Deep Dig deck lacking remote interaction. Maybe not too much with just 1, but I had decided to stick with the Build Scripts . I'm still wondering if -2 Build Scirpts and +1 I've Had Worse and +1 Rogue Trading would have made a difference in the Titan matches... maybe.

Euros Report:

(1) Loss against AG Infusion - not the best match up, but my opponent really did play really smart around my threat of a possible double Counter Surveillance never leaving a central without an unrezzed ice until he got a Nisei MK2 and once he got a second, he had the game in the bag.

(2) Draw against Ctm due to going to time.

(3) Loss against Titan FA. Once the Atlas Train starts rolling, it never stops. Also the Peace in Our Time is not exactly the best card in this matchup

(4) Win against CtM - a very close one at that. I got a Psychographics from HQ on a Counter Surveillance run with an Imp just according to plan. I was really afraid of them playing more than 1 Quantum Predictive Model since at the end we where both at 6, but in the end a counter surveilled R&D deep dig did the trick.

(5) Win against Titan Fast Advance. I was lucky in snagging an early Atlas, and then the corp starved on agendas - allowing my win through a Counter Surveillance run on r&d 9 deep.

(6) timed Win against an Argus. A game I had no business winning. After both my Levy AR Lab Access as well as the spare Trope and any Same Old Things as well as the Retrieval Run got trashed and I was left with 4 cards in Grip. A turn after the non-leathal value Boom! got shuffled back with Preemptive Action, time was called. Since I was on 5 Points (among them a City Works Project ) and my opponent did not have any agendas yet, I got the timed win. Undeservedly Saved by the clock indeed!

(7) Win against Ctm, I guess it's a good matchup...

(8) Loss against this Titan FA deck: . The Train already had left the station and pressured me heavily not being set up completely to run into an Archer on HQ before I could finish buying an R&D entry Ticket.

Conclusion: 4/8 Wins - Losses to Titan FA *2, AG Infusion, Draw against CtM

This Deck has placed 16th in the Double Play Community Event in Berlin 2018.

It was a wild ride which I quite enjoyed!

Wins against CtM, Gargarin, CI ( Brain Rewiring ) and losses against CI (Reversed Stintson), once in a landslide and narowly another time, and - well... against Scorpios Defense Systems... Where it might be worthwhile to rebirth as soon as possible ( even into Quetzal, depending on the number of Barriers faced ).

I do quite like this version and deem it pretty refined for this archetype, at the moment there is nothing I would change.

I could see an I've Had Worse in here somewhere, or another Retrieval Run, but I'm not sure what would get cut in their place. Loosing one Levy could happen, in exchange for more econ in the form of Deuces Wild / Deuces Mild aka Build Script but this is very risky - probably too much so.

CBI Raid was tried as a possible counter to CI, but Information Sifting just serves better overall - and it costs 2 credits less!, Even against non-CI it is pretty worthwhile to draw 3 cards for Obelus seeing the larger pile of a 5 card hq.

Obelus is pretty vital, as is God of War. Since the latter might get played from archives with the Retrieval Run (which in itself may be Same Old Thing'd ), the primary worry is to get the Obelus into play - since it helps making central singel accesses worthwhile.

There are quite some shenanigans that can be pulled, to get to these - once I Rebirthed since I knew the last 5 cards in the Stack would contain the last remaining Obelus and God of Wars and drew them like a peasant.

Using Trope early might pay of, when the Stack eventually runs out - it is just too nice, to be able to pick 3 times Mars for Martians and a Counter Surveillance as the new Stack.

This deck is suitably poor for an anarch until the tags get out of hand, and Mars for Martians starts getting better than Hedge Fund. Peace In Our Time helps greatly. Sometimes it is wise to postpone the peace and keep the corp down anarch style.

If the corp asset spams, the Imps become a prime target for Retrieval Run recursion.

Don't make the mistake and leave the corp be too long. The pressure of an AI Breaker with a Dean Lister or D4v1d backup is real.

Rebirth when the stack is empty, or shortly beforehand for optimum effect. Primary Target is Omar, but Kim and Quetzal might work as well. I don't really see Reina or Alice as being worthwhile for this deck.

On both days together I only flatlined once, against a Jinteki Trap after hitting a Chiyashi on a central.

Jarogniew was really essential in the Brain Rewiring CI matchup, as was Information Sifting - which is hard to time right, but well worth it.

In case the gameplan is not clear enought already: Take all the Tags and get in a good Counter surveillance Turn consisting of: Mars for Martians, Dean Lister, Counter Surveillance install, Counter Surveillance Run.

Bonus Points for having an Imp or two with a counter ready, to trash vital threats, like Tag Punishment or a preinstalled D4v1d to replace the Dean Lister in a pinch.