12th Nats: Find (but mostly lose) The Truth MaxX

CJFM 2264

4-2 in swiss, 0-2 in the cut at Nationals. The two games in the cut were against Skorpios and PU in some very hard matches--Skorp: MaxX milled 2 breakers, levy, and my opponent drew all his ice and punishment before seeing a relevant agenda; PU: I have only one levy. Rough. Choose Val. There was a lot of glacier and everyone was gunning for MaxX.

The deck was just okay, being largely derived from @neuropanster's Brain Cells. I swapped Minings for Laundry, Levy for FTT (up to nats, I had never used the second copy). I was on Val for weeks before, but for reasons I can't explain, most of the whole Seattle team who was on Val (except @podoboyz99 @grogboxer) switched to MaxX (@stonar was playing a sweet Self-Damage Alice that deserves more discussion than this stupid list). Results speak for themselves. I shoulda been Val, pal.

Find the Truth is cool. Usually you lose it to MaxX, but sometimes you draw it. It won me my first game. Did nothing in another game. I should have kept the second Levy. The second Levy would have helped against PU in the cut. Should have gone with that. hashtaghindsight2020

Things that happened: -@Joseki got me with [Bio Dome](#Bio Vault). That card is rude. -MaxX likes to mill money, so play more Dirty Laundry's. -Don't cut the third (Stamherk, even for a third Thong. -Probably go with @ramus's MaxX list if you want FTT. It's better. -I was aching to play Employee Strike the entire tournament. So play that card. Play Val. She's better. -I didn't miss Mining Accidents. -Clan Vengeance is a stupid card that often took out the last agenda from the opponent's hand (except for when I chose not to use 4 tokens on 1 card and it turned out to be an agenda.

I was playing Jon D's Azmari for corp. It did significantly better than MaxX, dropping only 2 games in swiss.