Davidmc7 192

I built this deck a few months ago inspired by Limes' Imp-ressive Hoshiko and tweaked it a few times ever since. The name of the game is disruption. Your breakers aren't great? Trash the ice. Use your Imp every turn with Knobkierie. Get paid for all of this with Loup and Consume. It takes a bit of time to setup but the payoff is nice.

28 Aug 2022 tantale

I am not super fan of the 2x Consume. Have you considered -1Consume +1SMC?

31 Aug 2022 Davidmc7

@tantale double consume installed can be heaps of value, but you're right. I should probably flush one and add back Boomerang for speed or Docklands Pass for access, and maybe a Stoneship or No Free Lunch to tech. I should probably just do like you and play Freedom Khumalo: Crypto-Anarchist instead!