Jesminder's Funhouse 5-0 swiss 1-2 cut 2nd @ East Can Nats

sadstug 201

What happens if the Runner has a mandatory ability that would prevent the tag from Funhouse, such as the ability on Jesminder Sareen: Girl Behind the Curtain?

Players cannot attempt to pay a cost that would be prevented. If Jesminder’s ability is applicable, the Runner must choose to end the run.

It's only fair all runners get the Jesminder Funhouse experience.

jesminder shedding a tear while steve loup tao and zahya play in the funhouse

Raison d'être

Needed a deck that

  • I've got reps with
  • I won't mind going 0-5 with
  • high bar is making the cut
  • after accessing centrals runner will question what unhinged mess they sat across from

WTF are these deck choices


  • The ice suite is paper thin
  • another layer on the Funhouse Jesminder Experience
  • watching the runner consider trashing w/ an ARES scored is like winning


  • Nobody respects ice out of R+ asset spam, and really who can blame them
  • Your tools are credit intensive so 10 credits isn't really out of reach. That being said opportunity cost is arguably too high if you don't get the 5 credits back.
  • You need a bigger speedbump on centrals
    • Carmen does not like breaking this
    • Echelon really does not like breaking this
  • see raison d'être

I refuse to believe bladderwort is real.

  • Hoshiko is already assuming they're taking Bankhar to the face, and Arissana has LilyPad
  • Without Drago and HHN, setting up bladderwort checkmate doesn't seem real
  • If I'm going to spend 2 influence on an econ asset, I'll take the one that's positive credits from turn 1 and somehow also has draw
  • Caveat: runners see red whenever bladderwort is rezzed and given the inexplicable success I've had with that, it's probably fine if the goal is to crush dreams in swiss.

Ablative Barrier

  • wherein B-1001 actually becomes the terminator
  • ablative b1000, I've been saying this but eric talked me out of it ages ago


Federal Fundraising

Federal Fundraising is the most busto card in the new set, and y'all high if you think otherwise -- jai

Desperately need the 3rd copy but how do people find slots. 😭

Daily Business Show

There's no such thing as too much filtered draw in this deck. But also jank theorycrafting time. Federal Fundraising and Funhouse and R+ draw makes R&D. RIP slots.

Starlit Knight, Market Forces

Had this argument with @TheKing the night before the event but opted to stay on 2. While it is part of your ideal board state where you get to jam an agenda into Oppo, given I went the entire weekend without a relevant threat 4 knight this might be a source of slots.

Warroid Tracker

Sticking these on a B-1001 seemed very funny to me but given how brittle the econ was, I sleeved nico campaigns instead. Now that my competitive season is over I'll maybe go back to this.

Adrian Seis

see raison d'etre, and you get a slot back :D

Thanks to

  • @tondo for grinding so many Hohsiko, and Freedom games against early versions of this; relaxing into thinking I'm not going to bring it; and then being juked at the last minute.
  • TorSaug for putting up with a year of NBN 'prison'
    • this isn't a prison deck 😤
  • Hippos for putting up with my jank suggestions
  • Andrej, Mattie, Patrick, Jon, and the rest of the Montréal meta for running an amazing event
  • Everyone who travelled to Montréal to make the event what it was
  • Two day swiss

"that's spicy" -- chromatically

my runner anchor

30 Aug 2023 Tondo


30 Aug 2023 formerteen

the only way to win against this deck is to never play against it

30 Aug 2023 NinjaMike

You are a monster

31 Aug 2023 Jai