Azmari Glacier

TheBigBoy 8883

People wanted to see this so I posted it.

This deck probably sucks because it's a fair corp but I thought I'd try.

Mad Dash is a problem. Try to stop them from indexing.

Name Resource or event every turn.

Get money, rez Tollboooths, put MCAs and IAAs behind them until the runner runs out of money. Close the game with Echo Chamber. Recur your wincons with Preemptive.

Very Fun. I hope it's good.

4 Mar 2018 BlackCherries

What did you find the best use of Crisium Grid? Always R&D? Nice deck!

4 Mar 2018 spags

With all of the Hooks and Menageries flying around (puns intended), what about Navi Mumbad Grid?

4 Mar 2018 TheBigBoy

Crisium basically always R&D to stop Index.

Ya I haven't played against hooks yet. Seems like it could be a problem. But it's kinda a given that a glacier deck is going to struggle against the Shaper Install 100 cards deck :/

4 Mar 2018 zmb

I guess you're sad to see Film Critic :-O

4 Mar 2018 TheBigBoy

A bit, but it's not a huge deal.

5 Mar 2018 moistloaf

Big Ed’s Tech Deck

6 Mar 2018 AkAnderson

"This deck probably sucks because it's a fair corp but I thought I'd try."

Sees MCA....

6 Mar 2018 Ebrey

This deck +1 Jinja +1 Scarcity -1 Marilyn -1 Crisum came in 2nd at a 18 person SC, losing in the finals to Timmy's Nexus Nero. Nexus is a horrrrible matchup for this but had I played slightly more efficiently I would have been able to rush him out - I was 1 cred short of winning and I made several misplays.

7 Mar 2018 YankeeFlatline

this is like a few cards from being a savage CR deck

8 Mar 2018 TheBigBoy

After more games, against Val it's actually better to name Event early than Resource. It really helps you combat Mining Accident.

11 Mar 2018 zmb

Added 3 Scarcity of Resources and a Bryan Stinson because i'm a bad person!

16 Mar 2018 Gswp

@YankeeFlatline I thought the same and actually did make a CR deck out of this! The tournament is Monday, if it goes well I may post my list.

Losing the 2nd Ash, the Crisium Grid and the 3rd Tollbooth in particular seem rough, though.

16 Mar 2018 TheBigBoy

Still doing well with this. We'll see if it can hold up over time...

18 Mar 2018 BlackCherries

I've been working with this deck in a CR format and it's going great - thank you for this! I've added MCA Informant to deal with Beth Kilrain-Chang and outside of CR, Film Critic because the deck has no tagging lol

19 Mar 2018 Jackson Howard

`@TheBigBoy I won my first Store Champs with this deck as my Corp. Thanks for posting it!

19 Mar 2018 TheBigBoy

Nice Job!