Headache Hayley - 1st Place Store Champ (4-1)

Noroo :D 189

Why Headache Hayley?
Because when I'm doing Hayley, i have a headache.

beat Sync, Titan, Palana, SSO. Lose SSO.

29 May 2018 Vortilion

Could you write a “manual” for that deck for beginners like me?

29 May 2018 Lemonhead

@Vortilion The deck is a swiss army knife. You install programs with Hayley and Multithreader and sell the ones you don't need to Aesops. Misdirection and Paricia might be dead draws in some matchups, but very valuable in others.

Usually your turn goes like this: Sell Cache to Aesops, use Professional Contacts 2-3 Times, install 2 programs.

Laamb is your main breaker and is supported by Dinosaurus to boost the strength and Panchatantra to make every ice a barrier.

It's not exactly beginner friendly but you can learn a lot by playing this deck.

30 May 2018 Noroo :D

@Lemonhead actually Panchatantra only use Gingerbread.
Laamb is AI i think.

30 May 2018 mrgoldendeal

@Noroo :DLaamb isn't AI, it's just a fracter.

@Lemonhead Panchatantra can only give types that aren't the main 3 (Sentry/Barrier/Code Gate), so it can add Tracer (for Gingerbread) or other types like AP or Mythic or what have you.

31 May 2018 Noroo :D

@mrgoldendeal I mean I used it like AI.

31 May 2018 Frogblast

What do you install on Dino ?

1 Jun 2018 Noroo :D

@Frogblast nomally Gingerbread.