Panchabread Nexus V1.1 SC 2nd place (Undefeated)

Orion 64

Republish of the deck that took me to 2nd place. I've been tinkering with Nexus Kate for a few months now and this is the best deck I've come up with. On the day this deck won against 1 Blue Sun, 2 Replicating Perfections, 1 Biotech, 1 New Angeles Sol and 1 Near Earth Hub. New Angeles Sol was my Corp deck that let me down at the last hurdle against Whizzard.

Panchabread Nexus. Mashed two types of decks together. Works a dream.

The aim of the deck is to set up a rig consisting of 2 Panchatantra, 1 Gingerbread, 3 Rabbit Hole, 1 Security Nexus, and at least 1 R&D Interface. With econ coming from Underworld Contact, Daily Casts and Professional Contacts or Magnum Opus, most servers are incredibly cheap to access. Panchabread is so good at getting in anywhere, and if you're playing against decks that already have a lot of tracer ICE like New Angeles Sol, you're in even more luck.

The main problem I had with the classic Nexus Kate build was that I rarely had the breakers I needed to access servers in the early game. I was drawing too much and not applying enough pressure. The suite also took up a lot of deck space and made fitting in Diesels difficult. Using Panchabread gives you a fighting chance because you can begin to threaten servers early on in the game without relying on Nexus. John Masanori is also a brilliant addition to Nexus Kate as it helps you be more offensive without giving up those valuable draws. Along with Scrubber, he really helps your early-game runs to not impede on your rigbuilding.

Magnum Opus can be a little clunky and is really only there to help your early game economy if you don't have the to finance your Nexus installation or Panchabread runs. A lot of games clicking with ProCon is way more useful than using Opus. You don't need to rely on it every game, and don't hesitate to trash it if you need that 2MU back.

Deus X might seem like a silver bullet against Jinteki but it also doubles up as an emergency breaker when you name AP with Panchatantra! It can catch the corp off guard when you're low on econ and in a pinch. I've scored the last agenda by keeping this in hand a few times.

Slow decks like Foodcoats and RP are usually easy to beat, although NEXT Ice suits can be tough. They can climb over Panchabread if they have 4-deep servers, but they also rely heavily on code gates so ZU.13 Key Master is a nice backup that has saved me a lot. NBN can be tough, you just have to try and lock down R&D before they get that last agenda out. I find that HQ Interface is really good against NBN because they tend to have smaller scoring windows than other corps and they'll keep agendas in hand more often.

The worst matchup in my experience is Blue Sun - if their econ gets too far ahead of your own they can switch off Nexus which hurts a lot. However, you can use Nexus to drain their economy, and taking a tag from Nexus is way more favourable than faceplanting an Orion.

s/o to Pinkwarrior fantastic Nasir deck ( for the Scrubber and Deus X idea!