Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel.

Ob Superheavy Logistics: Extract. Export. Excel.

Identity: Corp
Deck size: 45 • Influence: 15

Whenever you trash a rezzed card, except during installation, you may search R&D for 1 card with a printed rez cost exactly 1credit less than the trashed card's printed rez cost. Install and rez the card you found, ignoring credit costs. Use this ability only once per turn.

Take all that is offered, and more.
Illustrated by Vitalii Ostaschenko
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Midnight Sun (ms)

#57 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Midnight Sun

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So I think this card exists so that people who like to make ridiculous decks have something to obsess over. It has a very powerful effect, but it's not immediately obvious how to make it useful. And I'm not going to pretend that I've cracked the code here either. I've made a few decks with it, and they've all been universally terrible.

But I do have a few observations, which will hopefully be of help to anyone trying to make this monstrosity work...

  • Getting free installs/rezzes when you trash your stuff is cool, but in most cases it probably should be viewed more of as a consolation prize, than a goal in itself. You're basically making one of your things worse instead of trashing it.
  • You can use this identity to install ice without paying the ice costs. This lets you make some very tall servers, if you're into that sort of thing.
  • One of the biggest strengths of this ID is the built in card-search on its ability. It's very feasible to put in one-off tech cards like Mavirus, and just fetch them when you need them, by trashing the correct-sized target.

Also, consider the following scenario:

  • You install Alexa Belsky for some reason.
  • You install and start advancing Oaktown Renovation.
  • The runner, predictably runs to steal it.
  • If they manage to get through your ice and commit to accessing Oaktown, you use Alexa's, ability to trash herself and trigger Ob's ability.
  • Using Ob's, you overwrite Oaktown with a Snare!. The runner has already committed to accessing, so instead of stealing your agenda, they get a face full of net damage and a tag.

There are probably better sets of cards to do this with. Alexa Belsky is not a card you'd normally want in your deck. It's surprisingly hard to find 1 cost self-trashers though! (Very unfortunate that Mark Yale just rotated.) But either way, the ability to trash an agenda mid-run is noteworthy. And the ability to replace it with something harmful after they commit to access is very interesting indeed.

Food for thought!

(Midnight Sun era)

Reconstruction Contract may be the card you're looking for instead of Alexa Belsky. You can trash to move 0 counters and trigger Ob. Saves influence if nothing else, and spare meat damage from, for example, a random Azef Protocol could potentially power it up.

This will probably be powerful, but not as crazy-strong as its early gameplay looks. Yes, Ob can rez an Envelopment for $5, cause the Runner to pay $4 to break/trash it, and then tutor/install/rez a Border Control for free. Later on, they can trash the Border Control to end a run and tutor/install/rez a $3 Maskirovka for free. Their $5 ended up paying for 3 ice (2 installed from R+D clicklessly), BUT in a funky series of pawnings where only one was ever on the table and in the exact opposite order I'd usually want to play these cards. This is an unusual economic flow with lots of on-paper income but I think runners might find reasonable counterplay over time. It might not be much harder to deal with than Blue Sun turning each Oversight AI or Building Blocks into a quick $7-14.

It might be too much ID value, though. Border Control is already one of the strongest ices ever printed and giving it the ability to also find/install/rez a $3 card pushes it into the stratosphere. Even average assets jump a tier or two when they gain 2-3 basic clicks worth of value. Launch Campaign's ability to tutor/install a Rashida takes it from an innocent "3 turns to net $5" to a high-priority "4 turns to net $8 and 3 cards". Ob has an unusually wide array of assets that have much more upside than normal if not killed. (Regolith Mining License, Marilyn Campaign, Nico Campaign, Launch Campaign, MCA Austerity Policy, etc). We're looking at a Weyland ID with an unusually strong card pool of $3-5 ice and much stronger-than-normal $1-2 assets, and a life-changing amount of tutoring flexibility/consistency. This looks like more ID value than most top IDs get, and its card pool is surprisingly flexible.


  • Your Ob chains run from most expensive to least expensive. A couple of problems with this. A lot of your funds could be tied up for up to 4 turns in an Envelopment which the runner doesn't HAVE to trash. Ob chains will probably delay your cheaper ice, which usually would have been most cost-effective in the early game. Maskirovka looks like a good ice! But when you're trashing a Border Control on like turn 5 it's probably not the ice you'd love to have then.
  • You're building around an ID ability which can only be triggered once per turn. Runners can easily force a trash on Envelopment and it is only good at all while your ID ability is still available and a liability otherwise.
  • Pre-rezzed ice make it much easier for runners to budget and aim Boomerangs/etc. It also will make it easier to guess where Stavkas are hiding.
  • Besides Border Control and Stavka, most of Weyland's "trash a card" cards are not inherently great, and very few self-trashing cards are printed at $3, so Ob chains will probably mostly be limited to $5-4-3 (Envelopment -> Border Control -> any $3 card) or 2-1-0 (economic asset -> Launch Campaign -> Rashida).
  • The runner has a lot of influence over when the self-trashing ice are allowed to fire (or forced to fire). Architects of Tomorrow would be a really good ID if runners triggered it every turn, but they don't and it sucks.
  • In timed play, the amount of shuffling and deck-searching will probably be ridiculous. Tutoring is not a fast process. Thinking through which card to tutor takes some time too.

Card reference (*asterisk on items which cannot self-trash)

  • $0 - Rashida, Spin Doctor, Svyatogor Excavator, Sandburg, NGO Front
  • $1 - Launch Campaign, MCA Austerity Policy, Urban Renewal, Wall to Wall*
  • $2 - Regolith, Marilyn Campaign, Nico Campaign, Drudge Work.
  • $3 - Mavirus, Bass Chiriyoga, Crisium Grid*, Maskirovka*, Masvingo*, Afshar*, Akhet*
  • $4 - Border Control, Mausolus*
  • $5 - Envelopment
(Midnight Sun Booster Pack era)

Reduced Service is a normally fairly weak card which has interesting synergy possibilities. Being able to clicklessly tutor it makes it a lot stronger. Of course, if you can shell out the influence for Anoetic Void there's probably some comedy opportunities to ruin someone's run mid-run.

Installing Anoetic Void mid-run would be hilarious. You could use Stavka to trash a $1 card, or use Alexa Belsky to trash herself.