Mmmm, MirrorMorphMurder (Undefeated on Jinteki)

DirtyDeeds 24

How do you build a machine gun? Tape a couple of mirrrors to a sniper rifle, and voilĂ !

The plan is to use Angelique to rapid fire down the runner, since multiples of her counts as different actions for MirrorMorph.

The main combo is to recur copies of her with Vitruvius counters + extra clicks. Reaper Function helps take down pesky runners trying to end their turn on 5 cards in hand. The ceiling for potential damage is silly high, with enough Vitruvius counters and extra clicks.

(Note that the interaction between Angelique and MM is bugged on Jinteki, you're not getting the extra clicks right now)

Shoutouts to Postis for helping me turn the deck from a fever dream into something actually potent!

2 Aug 2023 Jinsei

Would it make sense to play Cerebral Overwriter here? A bit of core accelerates the kill, and the threat makes scoring double adv Vitruvius easier.

3 Aug 2023 DirtyDeeds

@JinseiGood recommendation! I tried to fit a core damage package in there at first, but was told by a much better deck builder (you know who you are) that it muddled the focus a bit too much. But just overwriter could possibly fit in!

3 Aug 2023 lukifer

Riot Suppression might be worth considering? Creates a fork to either shrink hand-size, or safely score Ikawah Project.

3 Aug 2023 DirtyDeeds

@lukifer The deck isn't meant to score anything besides Vitruvius, as you're sooner getting the combo ready than being able to win on 7 (haven't done the math but games have ended up that way). Slots are hard to come by, but MCA, 1x Nanoetching and 1x Spring are def flex slots!

4 Aug 2023 nbkelly

Expends are actually a hijacked remote server. I was hoping nobody would force me to fix my code.

Netrunner players are truly capable of finding every crack.

30 Aug 2023 Kawau

I've just played this deck twice and had a ton of fun. I thought Wage Workers won't combo with MirrorMorph, but this card is so good it comboes with everything. As you said @DirtyDeeds, the ceiling for potential damage is silly high and the tricks you can do are wonderful. Game lasted for 18 turns and Clicks gained were 73. Both abilities of MCA Austerity Policy count as different actions for MM, so I could score an Ikawah from hand and still had a click left from Wage Workers. Crazy.

One thing, what is Send a Message's role here?