Rogue Sunny v2

DarthIA 91

I always enjoy playing the most beloved mummy in this game. This is the evolution of my previous Sunny deck, without the much missed Underworld Contacts, but with their natural substitution in the form of Rezeki. Rogue Trading and Citadel Sanctuary are the engine you need to find in order to get rich enough to get into any server, and even forget about those nasty HHNs and the like. However, I also added a couple of No One Home that helps here, and also fire Power Tap. Just don't use them to prevent the tag from Rogue Trading unless you wanna hit a Junebug in an HB server O_o'

I got first in the Seville 2019 Regional thanks to her. During the tournament I crushed a CtM and a Titan, losing against nasty Sportsmetal with traps and getting a timed lose against another Titan. Overall, it worked quite well, though tech cards like Hunting Grounds and Whistleblower never saw play. Probably could exchange them with PAD Taps, but I think there is enough economy cards in there to make a living. You know, we got two kids to feed :D