Resource: Connection • Install: 2 • Influence: 1

Whenever you make a successful run, you may trash this resource to name an agenda. The next time this run you access a copy of the named agenda, steal it, ignoring all costs. (You are no longer accessing it.)

"Corporations are made of people; just normal people doing their 6-to-6. The right truths, the right critique, and they can be redeemed." -Lat
Neutral • Olie Boldador • Downfall 30
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  • NISEI Downfall Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    What does Whistleblower do? Won’t the Runner steal the agenda anyway?

    Whistleblower skips the usual sequence of steps for accessing a card, and lets the Runner steal it before any “when accessed” abilities resolve. Once the agenda is stolen, it is no longer being accessed, which stops other “when accessed” abilities from resolving. It also lets the Runner ignore additional costs to steal agendas like the one imposed by Red Herrings or the one on Obokata Protocol.

    So if the Runner names Fetal AI with Whistleblower and accesses a Fetal AI, do they still suffer the net damage?

    Whistleblower and Fetal AI both meet their trigger conditions at the same time. If it is the Runner’s turn, Whistleblower resolves first, and the Runner steals Fetal AI (without paying 2) before Fetal AI’s “when accessed” ability resolves. Since Fetal AI is no longer being accessed, its ability does not resolve.


This card at first seems very powerful. Before we look at the drawbacks, we need to look at when this card is good.

Reasons to Use:

1) Steal agendas with additional costs like: Obokata Protocol, SDS Drone Deployment, Degree Mill, Ikawah Project, NAPD Contract, Fetal AI, and any agenda buffed by Utopia Fragment.

2) This will also block upgrade costs like: Red Herring, Strongbox, and Ben Musashi

3) This blocks on access abilities from Award Bait, City Works Project, Explode-a-palooza, Fetal AI, Quantum Predictive Model, TGTBT, The Future Perfect. Thank you for the correction Mezuzi and valerian32!

Why this Card is Not Good:

1) Why not use the queen of this? Film Critic It is the same influence cost. Only reason you say no is if you already are using 1 restricted card. (Aesop's Pawnshop, Crowdfunding, Dorm Computer, Employee Strike, Gang Sign, Inversificator, Levy AR Lab Access, Mad Dash, Paperclip, Rumor Mill)

2) This does nothing against all of the cards you want it to. Haarpsichord Studios, Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed, and Jinteki: Personal Evolution. Don't forget, you are also still in range of a Punitive Counterstrike as well.

3) It costs 2 coins, it is 1 influence, and you have to know the agenda you are stealing. Ugh...

If only this said "add to your score area" instead of "steal".

This is my first review. Please comment if you find anything wrong.

(Downfall era)
A small correction - Whisteblower blocks on access effects like Explode and TFP similar to Film Critic (Runner effects trigger before Corp effects). That said, its still going to be hard to call those cards unless you've seen them previously or have some nudge via expose. —
since you're interrumping the access, it also works to prevent the net damage, the future perfect etc. But as you say the efects of stealing are still happening. That means that Jinteki, Personal Evolution happens, Argus happens and Haarpsichord effects are still applying. And thank you for reviewing = D —
We do need to consider that it allows you to bypass on-access/steal effects while *not* having to spend 2 clicks to actually add it to your score area. I agree it's not great, but it's sort of like half the effect of Film Critic at twice the speed. —
Worth noting that this does combo with Mad Dash whereas Film Critic does not so you can steal the agenda without paying the additional cost and still get the cheeky bonus point on top :) —