Backroom Audit - 2-2 - Startup World 2022

Diogene 4029

This deck is a variation of a previous deck. I've put more ETR in the deck and more econ, which help the deck quite a bit.

Endurance in particular is vulnerable to Public Trail + Retribution, which helped win one of the two games.

Still, I all too often struggled for credits. Especially in one game, where my Code Gate ices came first and a Cat's Cradle was on the board on turn 2. I think I would also take out Engram Flush for something else (like Sprint or a Snare!). While it did force the runner to boost Hyperbaric one more point, it did not help me win.

Thank you very much for the organizers and judges, who made the event run smoothly. It was even more intense for them than for the players. Congratulation, you are the one who made this competition happen.

Thanks for the amazing games with all my competitors. Winning felt great and losing felt good. This is how it should be.