[Startup] Built to IAArge Ice (1st Leisure Games GNK)

crowphie 454

I don't really play Startup. 10pm the night before the event, I was halfway through assembling a typical rush BTL - it's the kind of list I'm pretty comfortable on and figured I'd be able to play at least vaguely compotently - when I had a crisis of confidence. I knew I had no chance of winning the thing with my lack of knowledge about the format so I figured I'd just try to crush some dreams while I was there.

Uh, sorry, folks.

This is just Odol's Built to IAAst deck with some untested changes from Midnight Sun. I swapped 2 Colossi for 2 Stavkas, which was bad and they were never rezzed all day. Turns out that in a format where runners are rich as anything, a decent tax on Bukhgalter is not enough when your ID doesn't give you a free card to replace the trashed. I also swapped the Government Subsidies for Extracts, which felt great. 10 credits is a hell of a lot and sometimes you just need a Beanstalk Royalties.

This deck is fine? Startup's biggest issue is that playing corp sucks. Sometimes it barely feels like playing Netrunner, which is why it's so great that this deck also stops the runner feeling like they're playing Netrunner. You need a good chunk of ice to beat the sabotage decks and you can't rez that much stuff early with this deck's economy, so unless slots can be found for more money you probably just get monstered in that matchup. Frankly I constantly felt like the opponent was always favoured to win no matter the board state, but then they kept dying so what are you gonna do?