"Aggressive Troubleshooters" 3 time Store Champ deck Redux

d1en 3328

Hi all! This is Dien from ANRTheFallGuys. I decided to post up a updated version of my 3 time Store Champ winning deck with some overhaul work for the current meta. I recently took this to a local tournament which had 20 players, and it ended up going undefeated 5-0. I had been matched up with Gabe, Prepaid Kate, 2 Chaos Theory's with Levy, and a Noise, and it scored off agenda points with scoring windows created off my upgrades. Let's get into specifics!

The deck has several synergies to itself. I purposely picked Chimera for on demand Will-O-The-Wisp targetting. With this play, if you have Targetted Marketting, you can safely call a necessary breaker they need to complete their rig. I had called out Corroder and Femme Fatale and netted an average of 20 credits during games. This plays into the next play: Corporate Troubleshooter.

A server with Corporate Troubleshooter and a Grim/Archer guarantees a snipe of a breaker. Knowing they'll play a necessary breaker to give you 10 helps you fortify the server.

Targeted Marketing I find is a advanced card. To play this effectively, you'll need to understand the various archetypes and their timings. You need to know cornerstone cards to play, I made in the late game, a call on The Maker's Eye since I hadn't seen it played past the first 20 cards the Runner had played as Kate, and I knew it was coming. The call netted me 20 free credits, helped burn a bunch of Clone Chips and Test Runs for Sharpshooter VS Archer, and netted the Runner nothing due to the fact I had most agendas in hand.

I love that Corporate Troubleshooter and Will-O-The-Wisp work with each other very well. Feinting each other and keeping the Runner guessing messes with their math/options, so it's great to have with each other. They also feint as Agendas, and can set up for brutal plays.

I put in The Root and it kicked bottom. I usually set up one server with big ICE, another with one Archer/ETR and a Will. On my turn, I install agenda/CT/Will, The Root in the other, rez it and advance the agenda or ICE another layer on the big remote with Root money. This forces the Runner into a fork and guarantees either that the Root stays up, or it goes away, I get a economy swing because of the run, and a breaker goes to the bottom.

This deck swims in Bad Pubilicity, I had won Store Championships with 7 Bad Pub, and I won at the local tournament recently with 5. You need to understand that Bad Pub is not always bad, as long as they don't have the breakers to get in. I'm still working on tinkering with the ICE suite, I feel I can optimize it better, but for now it stood the test of Runners, and I'm pretty confident with it. Any feedback is welcome, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

10 Sep 2014 slevin38

Why Priority Req over Government Contracts?

10 Sep 2014 tzukimi
10 Sep 2014 jawohl

Free Archer is tempting. Priority Req would be even better if you play Hadrian's Wall. If not I'd probably Add a copy of GC since you're not playing full suite of transactions.

Anyways, gj! Watching people digging for plascretes seeing Enigma is priceless

10 Sep 2014 d1en

@slevin38 I chose Priority Req because a free rez Archer can turn the tide of a game heavily. I don't mind them knowing that it's Archer, I usually aggressively set up and pop a Corporate Troubleshooter off. I'll post game footage later on to the Youtube to demonstrate how it's played

10 Sep 2014 d1en

@diroisha @jawohl Good suggestions! I'll look at the agenda suite again

11 Sep 2014 Sojourne

very cool, you actually inspired me to bring out and update a similar weyland deck I have. I went the GRNDL route though, as who cares about bad pub if they don't even have the programs to get in. netrunnerdb.com

12 Sep 2014 Dothanite

I love this deck. It seems like you will have enough economy, though, with Geothermal Fracking, Hostile Takeover, and quite literally every operation - fourteen economy cards. I actually feel like it may be too much.

What are your thoughts on Interns? recursion for Corporate Troubleshooter and Will-o'-the-Wisp seems way too good here.

12 Sep 2014 Dydra

Bad Pub is not bad ... unless they play Personal Workshop .... 7 bad pub is 28 extra credits for them to install stuff from the PW

With my Nasir I emergency ejac when I see more than 2-3 bad pub ... Sometimes I run in ETR Ice without any real reason for the run, except to get the Bad Pub Tokens off something like a Toolbox or R&D interface or whatnot =)

12 Sep 2014 skydivingninja

Have you tried Paywall Implementation? Its so nuts for 0 credits against criminal.

12 Sep 2014 d1en

@Sojourne Awesome! Great to hear, I love Weyland and have used it to great success at many tournaments, I hope yours does you well too!

@Online The purpose of having this many economy is the meta is full of PPVP Kate, and it's hard to maintain your level of scum tactics with their aggressive style of running. I would consider Interns, I think it's a great card to pull a card on demand and threaten a Runner from entering a server.

@Dydra Definitely agree, this deck has weaknesses against Workshop decks. However, it's about removing the rig from the Runner and creating a scoring window, less of a concern for discounting.

@skydivingninja In the meta, many Runners are playing big runs rather than consistent runs like before. I also cater to Targetted Marketing to create windows and if they DO install the needed breaker, I can immediately profit off of it.

13 Sep 2014 decoylogan

Super lame deck, I played against it. Its an evolution of his winning trash deck. Chronos Project would absolutely cripple a player after a AggSec or TroubleShot-Archer hit.

Kill a Corroder, score a Chronos Project, and freely score behind the ice type of the breaker that got exiled. It hurts runners who run with singular breakers, especially Corroders.

It might have a slight weakness to Noise-Mill as they run multiple breakers and can rely on Knights and Parasites/Datasuckers to take down ice.

16 Sep 2014 voltorocks

Love this decktype. I've been playing something very similar, adapted over many weeks from "Uncorrodable." I really like your take on it- the synergies between chimera and will-o did not occur to me, I really want to try it now!

a couple things:

-GRNDL Refinery is gangbusters in a deck like this; it makes an excellent feint that nets you a mountain of cash if the runner doesn't bite (I tried Aggressive Secretary but found the program trashes were often superfluous once they clawed their way into my mega-server, and if they didn't bite, I was left with wasted money and clicks).

-do you often find that you need the Targeted Marketing $$ to power your corporate troubleshooter? I took it out because I had trouble keeping the current out long enough to matter, or other times felt like the click and the money were a waste if I had the cash to keep them out without it (and I usually do). Beyond what cards to pick (I feel clear about that) do you have any suggestions for the timing of when to play this card to the table?