What Jua Gonna Do About It? - BC Regionals 4th place

Thike 1196

This is the corp I took to 4th place at a 20-person Regionals in Victoria BC, Canada. Clearly based on some of the Azmari decks that did well at US Nationals this year, I made a few changes to taste and here we are. I was actually waffling between this an a Skorpios deck until literally 4 minutes before the event started. I feel like I made a decent choice given that I have more experience with Azmari and there weren't as many MaxXes as I expect.

As usual, the plan is 3 scores, often with one Echo Chamber. It's always good to rush one out if you can, because games can be a bit grindy if you don't. That being said, it's not always possible because a lot of the ice is porous in the early game. An Echo Chamber behind a Farichild often looks like a Rashida and can be one way to make progress. News Hound/Wraparound is the other real option for that rush, unless you had an absurd credit start and can use Tollbooth safely.

The other trick, and the way a lot of scores happened, was a hard ETR behind a Jua. The 3x Jua were the MVPs on the day of. If an Anarch pitched their all their Paperclips and you never rez a barrier that isn't behind a Jua, you've locked them out of those servers. It can be done here with code gates too, but you have to make a more conscious choice not to rez them, since most of your reliable ice is code gate.

The one way around the Jua/Wraparound trick is D4v1d. (I'm considering adding a vanilla or something just for that.) D4v1d does a lot of work against this deck, Fairchild 3.0, Tollbooth, Archangel, Surveyor and occasionally Wraparound can all be made cheap with D4. Enter Navi Mumbai City Grid. I wish I had 2. The look on someone's face when they ran with 5 D4 counters and were faced with a 30 credit run instead was priceless. Also good against Datasucker, Maxwell, SMC, and others, but I didn't see any on the day.

Crisium Grid: still good. Saved me from an Apocalypse.

Bio Vault is an odd one. On the one hand, having a Nisei token is great. On the other, they'll often just run and trash it. It's a nice bait, but wouldn't you rather have baited with NGO? If they can't get it, wouldn't you rather have had an agenda in there? I'd probably replace this one, not sure with what. Maybe Code Replicator.

The final bit I want tot talk about is News Hound/Scarcity. I didn't want to go all in, because I think 3 Hounds requires 4-5 currents. I hate how unreliable Hound can be. That being said, it's expensive for Anarchs when it works and can't be D4'd. Maybe I need to suck it up and run more currents, but those are valuable slots. I dunno. The half-assed approach I took here was mediocre. That's what you get for building a deck in the last hour before the event.


Games played: (My memory is horrible, it was a long day.) Round 1: Valencia. Jua + Wraparound do work.

Round 2: Valencia. Don't hit FC 3.0 with 1 thing installed and 2 credits, kids.

Round 3: ID. Played anyways, beat a Valencia. Locked them out of both R&D AND the remote with Jua.

Round 4: ID.

Cut round 1: Ran.

Cut round 2: Valencia. Crisium grid stopped an Apocalypse. After that momentum swing I was able to score out.

Cut round 3: MaxX. TImed loss, but I had the last agenda double advanced in a Jua + Navi Mumbai Grid server with strength 10 surveyors. 20 more seconds on the clock and I would have had the game. Instead I was eliminated.


Changes I'm considering:

-2 News Hound, +2 ice. Maybe Cobra and Vanilla. Or another Archangel.

-Bio Vault +Some other protection upgrade. I miss Corporate Troublshooter.

-1x Scarcity +1x Navi Mumbai